Half marathon recovery attempt

After last weekends half, I slept so badly on Sunday night. I didn’t feel too bad afterwards- we walked (slowly) around the town to the station, and because of the train not running through London, we had to get off, walk, get the tube, walk and then get the train back, so I wasn’t still for too long. But at some point during the night my legs cramped up and I barely slept as they were so sore. The stairs were not my friend on Monday!

I had booked a back massage for after work (more apologies from the lovely masseuse as she tried to get the knots out) and then Andy’s parents were coming over, so although it was relaxing, I didn’t have time to foam roll or anything.

Last¬†week yoga has moved to Tuesday, so when I got home I had a quick bath before heading out (it doesn’t start until 7.45)- the stretching helped loads. We did some downward dogs with a partner, and the extra pressure when holding the poses really helped to loosen my muscles.

This has been the entry to our driveway for weeks now- the water pipes are being replaced along our road and they told us this week they may have to dig up our driveway too. The road is narrow and the width between the two lots of fences is only just as wide as my car, and so I have to reverse onto the pavement to get out because you can’t even begin to turn until you are clear of the fences. The other week I (gently) bumped into two wheelie bins on the pavement. I look forward to when they have finished.

On Wednesday I managed just over 3 miles. We also went to the cinema to see Hidden Figures which was just a brilliant film. When things are based on real events it makes it even more fascinating I think, although some of the segregation was just shocking- it is hard to think that this sort of thing went on not that long ago.

After work on Thursday I had a short run, again 3 miles, but it was so slow and my legs just felt so tired. Work had been busy with a couple of extra meetings and a sort of assessment day, but I think it was just that the half marathon tired me out so much. On Friday I was meant to be meeting some friends in Starbucks after work, but it was cancelled so I went to Kwik fit (which was not in any way quick/ kwik)- my tyre pressure light keeps coming on, I keep putting more air in, and then it comes on again, so I had guessed I had a slow puncture but was risking it (mainly because the garage is not open before I start work and often by the time I get home I need to be out somewhere soon..)- I think I was there about 90 minutes in the end- they found a nail and patched the hole so that was good to get it sorted at least.

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I met my dad and brother at parkrun on Saturday- we went to Ellenbrook and they cycled there and home again. It was fairly muddy in places (it poured with rain on Friday night) and I just felt like I had no energy. Dad did a great job of chatting to me and distracting me- I just felt like I had such heavy legs still. It was annoying me as I look forward to parkrun during the week but it felt more like a battle- we finished in 28.58- I like going under 30 minutes but it is crazy that a few weeks ago I was around 2 minutes quicker. It’s just so weird- in December I ran there, did a parkrun and ran home, and then this Saturday I could not even entertain running back to my car. I also forgot to look out for the new permanent km markers- they were unveiled last week, so I’ve seen photos but I wanted to look out for them- next time!

I was off to my parents for breakfast after, and then in the afternoon headed out to meet a friend for a walk in the countryside- we got back to the cars just as it started to rain so it was perfect timing.

I’v got another half marathon in 2 weeks time, so I am hoping that this week my energy returns to normal and I can do some slightly longer runs again.

Have you seen any good films recently? I feel like I have seen loads although a lot of them have been tough watches (apart from La La Land which was fun, although the love story reminded me of Benjamin Button)- Lion was just amazing (but so sad- again being based on real events makes it even harder). Moonlight was really good, and we just watched Once (which was by the guy that did Whiplash)- that had some great music in it, and a  bittersweet story. How do you recover from a hard race?

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