Bingo for parkrun! And a few random purchases

I follow a lot of the local parkruns on facebook as it’s a good way to see if there are events cancelled, anniveraries or new events coming.

Wimpole recently posted a parkrun bingo card which I found very amusing:

They have produced it to encourage people to volunteer, as they have said if you tick 12 or more boxes you can exchange it for free cake in September. However, a lot of them are to do with running (thank all the marshals/ smile the whole way around/ beat your highest finish/ run the whole route with a friend).

I always get the Bluebird Tea emails as I love their teas, so I was very excited when they advertised sticky chai. It’s black tea, spices and agave (to preserve it I think). Now, from the directions it makes it sound like it would be all ground down, and it tells you to add it to hot milk for a ready made chai latte.

The trouble is, it’s actual tea leaves and big bits of spices- I wasn’t expecting that! It smells amazing but when I added it to the milk I realised too late that I needed to strain it really. Ah well, next time I’ll know.

Now, I love Pip and Nut nut butters as their smooth stuff is proper drippy pb, and they do some interesting combinations too. I was excited when I saw they were starting to do almond milk- I tend to go for the Rude Health almond milk, and sometimes Alpro stuff. It was on offer on Ocado so I got one plain, and one with honey and vanilla. Sadly, the honey and vanilla one curdled in hot drinks and even when I used it on muesli it separated in a weird way. It was only something like 2% honey so you couldn’t taste it (and I don’t like things too sweet so I am not sure why I went for it anyway). ┬áThe plain stuff has not curdled usually, so long as I pour it slowly into my tea. I might try it again later on, but for now I think I will stick to the two brands I usually use.

What would you put on a parkrun bingo card? What was the last thing that disappointed you?

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2 thoughts on “Bingo for parkrun! And a few random purchases”

  1. Oh I love this bingo idea! I might see if I can get it going at Netley…
    That’s a shame about the almond milk. It’s so popular now isn’t it? Everyone ones to create a unique version. I do love almond milk tho, just not sweetened.

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