Tough yoga, a sore ankle and switching brands

This week was a fairly normal week- on Monday after work I popped in to see my sister and niece, and Tuesday was our club run. We ended up walking the last mile or so as one of the runners hadn’t been well, and was struggling- she had told us to go ahead but it was dark and we weren’t leaving anyone behind. On Wednesday yoga was good, but tough. We were focusing on breathing when holding the poses, so some of them were held for longer, and so even the downward dog felt like a bit of a rest!

On Thursday after work I headed out for a run, aiming to do some lamp post intervals, but after around a mile my ankle started to feel weird- on the outside of the right ankle bone it felt like something was clicking. It wasn’t painful, but it didn’t feel right. I walked and stretched for a bit, hoping it would click back into place, but after running again for a bit, the same thing happened. I didn’t want to make anything worse, and there was a shortcut back home (although a scary one through a park with no lights, and then an alleyway with no lights), so I admitted defeat and cut the run short.

I have no idea what it is- it’s not a sprain as I can put weight on it. I did ice it for a bit in the evening, and sat with it up, and on Friday put a bit of tubular bandage around just for a bit of extra support, but it felt fine. After work I had a deep tissue massage booked (much needed in my shoulders especially) and after had a bit of a wander around town. I need a new passport, and after filling the form in, decided to use the Post Office check and send service where they check it all for you. I was complemented on my form-filling in skills by the lady in there, who was also impressed that in her opinion I still look the same. I found the photo thing a bit depressing as there are definitely bags under my eyes that weren’t there ten years ago.

I had some Sweaty Betty vouchers to spend, so I popped into the shop to have a look around. While they had some very cool leggings and tops (one top, which I think was actually a skiing one, I think I would wear as normal casual wear!) but what I really could do with was a new sports bra. I had read loads of good reviews for their Victory bra, but these sorts of things need to be tried on.

I usually go for Shock Absorber (I’ve tried a few others, including M&S which in my opinion were terrible and as supportive as stuffing some tissue down your top), but recently they have been annoying me a bit. I have had a few malfunctions where the straps have come undone while running, and it does seem a design flaw that to adjust the straps you need to jut slide the clip out- it’s only held in place with a hook of a mm long. Plus the strap that goes across the top of your shoulders clips like a bikini top clip, and sometimes even clips undone when I put it over my shoulders.

Ideally I would like a thermal sports bra for the winter (muscle generates heat when you run, but fat does not), so when I started looking and the sales assistant showed me one with padding, I did like the sound of the extra insulation. It’s a similar shape to the Shock Absorber one, but the clip is way more secure as it’s a little metal hook. The sales assistant ended up coming into the cubicle to check the fitting (which was totally stressful and I ended up with lovely red blotches all over the skin on my chest and neck because I wasn’t expecting that- I’d just popped out to ask her for a different size)- I wasn’t sure if I would need a larger size but she thought the fit was good so I went ahead. I am really pleased I did – jumping up and down in the changing room doesn’t really give you much of an idea, but I wore it for parkrun on Saturday (where annoyingly I got a few more ankle click twinges at random times) and Sunday for my long run, just to try it out. So far, so good. I might be a convert, and if it washes well and lasts it might mean next time I need to replace an old sports bra, it will be with this one instead.

After parkrun on Saturday (and breakfast) I headed home for a few hours of work before walking the long way (the 5 mile route) into town, and then it was so cold we put the fire on for the evening- lovely.

Long run day breakfast, some crocus flowers and the factory

Sunday was a long run day- last week I had a bit of a cut back week so I knew I wanted to run at least 10 miles this week. The route I mapped out ended being just over 11 miles, but it was enjoyable, with some hilly bits first thing (before things get too tiring). I saw some snowdrops and crocuses poking up, and the factory demolition is still going strong. Once home and showered I had a delicious chocolate almond croissant (I’d been in to Gail’s on Friday) with some tea for breakfast- so good.

Then I had a bit of time to potter in the garden- I found some snowdrops (I don’t remember if we had them last year or if they were included in the bulbs that I planted). Our willow tree was taken down last week as it was rotten- the stump shows just how rotten it actually was- there’s just a horse-shoe shape of trunk left. I also topped up the bird feeders (and moved one as the pigeons seem to have worked out a way to get to the seeds and scare all the little birds away), and had a shorter walk around to the shops as I had decided to bake brownies so needed a few ingredients. My legs were pretty tired by the afternoon, but by Monday they were OK.

Do you stick to the same brands/labels for things or do you switch it up a bit?

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7 thoughts on “Tough yoga, a sore ankle and switching brands”

  1. I’m not that fussed about brands for sports bras really. I have quite small ‘assets’ and I’ve never had a major issue thankfully. I do love Nike and adidas for quality though – but there sports bras are less supportive I guess than Sweaty Betty who are specifically geared to that area.
    Hope your ankle feels better! Sounds odd!

    1. The thing with them is, you can try them on in a changing room and jump about a bit, ut it doesn’t really replicate what happens when you re actually running, so you can’t really tell until you are past the point of no return. I like Nike capris- I always think they are good quality and wash really well without losing any of the stretch (and without going baggy).
      Thanks about the ankle- no idea what it is still and it did sort of click on Tuesday in my run but not for long so who knows.

  2. I’m a Shock Absorber fan because they go up to larger sizes! I hope your ankle improves quickly. Your picture of Crocuses gives me hope that Spring is on the way.

    1. That is very true- I was thinking that in SB- I think I had the largest back size which isn’t really that big compared to the population as a whole. Yes, spring is coming šŸ™‚

  3. I like shock absorber too and tend to stick with what works, although one did once unsnap mid run! Be interested to hear how you get on with the new one. CT

    1. It’s not just me then- I’ve had a few runs over the years where the strap has come undone and you just can’t do it back up while running- I have sewn some of them up but then they can’t be adjusted any more. The SB one is going well so far šŸ™‚

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