Rice dreamy

So today I have been getting a bit obsessed with rice milk.

It started with porridge made with rice milk.

I added a tsp of cacao bliss, which went all melty and delicious. Tasty.

Then when I got home it was time for some baking- carob cookies from the Vegan book;

Yum! I only made 1/2 the recipe, but it still made quite a few.

Yum– super close up! I might well have one later after body pump 🙂

While cooking it was also time for some tea;

Earl Grey in the afternoon is so civilised don’t you know??

Yum. The rice milk is really good actually- I have only had it raw before (you know, cold) but it was fine in hot tea, and cooked fine in the cookies (well, it looks like they have- they smell delish), and was nice in porridge too. It does look a little thinner than cows milk (but less protein I suppose) but did not make the porridge watery or anything. Have you tried rice milk? I have seen they do other flavours like Hazelnut but have never seen them in the shops. I bet that would make amazing porridge.

Today I had some marks on me that look like bruises  or maybe burst blood vessels (around my neck and stuff)- I think this is an after effect of the massage, as she did do my neck for a long time. Am feeling tender to the touch so I am going to be gentle at body pump tonight (is that possible??)- have lower weights for squats and lunges anyway.

Then Friday is here, hooray! Any nice plans for the weekend? I only (“only“) have to do a 12 mile run on Saturday- I will have so much time to spare! Although I do have to do a lot of work, I will also manage a trip to the garden centre 🙂 And I have to do my list for packing as it is only 2 weeks away- ahhhhh how does time go so quickly?? So help me (finish this sentence): “For my marathon I will need to take…..”

I will start off with safety pins as I nearly forgot them twice for the 20 miler.


Easy aerobics


Just to let those of you know that missed my last post- I am beginning the taper and it is sending me a bit crazy.

So after work today I tried one of those Meridian Peanut and Oat bars;

This is made of oats, peanut butter, honey and molasses.

It was lovely- really oaty but you could also taste the molasses. Yum.

Good fuel for aerobics anyway. The usual instructor was away, and we had another new instructor- she was quite good, but we did not really get the music turned up very fast. So I did get my heart rate up (for a bit) but it was much more gentle than usual.

Oh well, she was much better than the other replacement instructor that we have had before.

Anyone else find that when you have replacement instructors? Our Body pump replacement is brilliant, but I suppose with that you follow the moves and routine, whereas an aerobics class is a bit ambiguous and so up to each instructor as to how they do it.

Night 🙂

I love body pump hooray!


Loving it!

I upped some weights today- went for 15kg for the squats (which meant I had to have that at the end of the lunges too- major hard work), managed to keep to 10kg for the whole of the back track (whereas you are meant to do the chest weight which for me is 7.5kg)- before I had to tip the extra off in the last rest. Woo!

I have decided that I seem to love the triceps track the most- this release it is this song and I have been singing it all evening. I find the triceps so hard, so it is great to have a catchy upbeat song which gets those endorphins going!

It was hot though, and by the end of the squats (second track) I  had sweat running down my arm! Gross! But a brilliant workout. More eyeball sweating in the abs track too!

I like it! Plus we can change the lyrics a tiny bit to fit “Baby I like it, the way we move on the floor, baby I like it, come on and lift it some more, baby I like it, gurning like never before” etc.

Yeah, I am having the high 🙂

You know you had a good workout when…

your eyeballs are sweating!

Or is that too much information haha!

Body pump was fab. Perhaps that is my most-typed sentence on here. But it was. I went for it in the back track- added on more weights after last week, on the outside of the clips so I could tip them off in the last break. But, I kept them on! Woo! Those overhead press things are so hard, but also immensely satisfying. I went back up to the normal weight for biceps, and added some for the lunges too (so back to normal). In the abs track my eyeballs were sweating. I am not sure if that is actually possible, biologically speaking. But that is what seemed to be happening!

Not much else to report. I did take a picture of my chocolate collection. It was spread around different cupboards, and I realised that perhaps I should not buy any more until I have finished it. (But in my defence, it was on offer in various places so worth it overall).

Today I had a few squares of the dark chocolate with raspberry- yum 🙂

Hooray it is nearly the weekend! I am already starting to half panic about the long run (17-18 miles- not sure why I gave myself a choice really). But I am also going to find my collection of seeds (and hope they have not gone past their plant by date) and plant some- yay! I love the season of gardening.

So, finish the sentence; You know you have had a good workout when…..

Or I am looking forward to the weekend because…

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Hello lovelies!

I am having my usual post body pump high this evening!

The usual instructor was away, and normally this means it is cancelled, but she mentioned last week that she knew someone who might be able to cover. On Tuesday (aerobics) I asked at reception and they were “pretty sure” it was on. So I was keeping my fingers crossed and very happy when I got there to find it was on. The usual crowd were there; when I arrived one regular was already getting the bars ready for us. The instructor was so impressed with how helpful we were, how well we put away the stuff between tracks once we no longer need it and how well trained we were in general with the routine. She was really good, and near the end told us she only qualified to teach it 2 weeks ago! We were all very impressed- during the chest track she walked around to check we were holding the bars in the right position, and she was very encouraging. Loved it! (And we are a class of such swots too haha!)

Boy I am tired now though!

I shared a stoats porridge bar with Andy;

This one was raspberry and honey, with sunflower and pumpkin seeds and sultanas. Yum.

I also tried chamomile tea;

This smelled like sweeties 🙂 Again I have never tried this before, but I actually quite liked it. It also has liquorice in it, which I think adds to the sweetness. I am gradually being converted to more and more to herbal teas. (Do not panic I still love chai).

I also got an email from Martin Yelling (a bit star struck haha) saying my prize it on its’ way! How exciting 🙂 So I am now spreading some marathon talk love-go check out marathon talk– it’s the rest of the interview with Andrew Lemoncello this week- go on see why I keep on about it! 🙂 Anyone else ever listen to it? Or anyone going to give it a go this weekend?