Gingerbread house number 2

Hey! So you all know that running and baking are my fave hobbies. I went on a walk up to the shops today (for some fresh air and also to see if I could find a patch of clear or safe pavements for a run). It was lovely, I spent about 90 mins wading through snow there and back. Unfortunately I did not find any clear pavement at all, so tomorrow will be a DVD at home again. (Reminder to myself- I much stretch more after that dvd as my calves are killing me today!).

I did pick up a bargain in the shops- I love Whitards Christmas tea, and they had a tub for sale (normally £8) for only £3, because of a little dent in the tin. So after lunch it was time for Christmas tea – my old tin (on the right) has only enough for a few teapots left. (Can you see the little dent? It’s tiny!). I also got a bargain long sleeved cardi in Gap for £11.

After that,  in order to occupy myself I decided to make a mini gingerbread house.

I put the cards there so you can see how little it is 🙂

This time I made up my own template and was pleased that the roof actually fits! Hooray I can still do maths!

I decorated it on the coffee table in front of Marley and Me- we decided to treat ourselves to the movies on Sky over Christmas as we will have plenty of time to watch them- such a sweet film.

I also made some roasted spiced nuts- this time along with the egg white I mixed in some brown sugar, maple syrup, mixed spice, cinnamon and cloves, before toasting in the oven for around 20 minutes. I put them in a jar and we will take them round to Andy’s parents on Christmas day- I love giving edible gifts.

Also we have been planning our replacement holiday- we got flights to Miami and back from Atlanta, so we can hire a car and visit all the places (and a few more) that we planned to see this Christmas. So although it is months and months away it is good knowing that we will get there in the end.

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10 thoughts on “Gingerbread house number 2”

  1. “Reminder to myself- I much stretch more after that dvd as my calves are killing me today” …… I could have written that myself and I even did a bit f extra stretching, OUCHIES.

  2. Yay that you’ve rebooked your holiday! Sounds great! 😀
    That mini gingerbread house is SO cute! I must make a gingerbread house! Haven’t got round to it yet this year, but yours looks great!
    Haha I also scoured the pavements for a clear patch- doesn’t exist here either I’m afraid!

  3. Hurray to re-booked holidays!!!! When will you be going? Before or after the marathon trip?

    I love your little gingerbread house, it’s very cute. Did you see the one on Riverside Cottage last night? They made a veg garden out of crushed chocolate cookies and mini veg! Was very very cute.

    I considered getting sky movies for christmas but then realised we already have about 5 films saved on sky plus so maybe should just watch them instead!!!


    1. Yeah we are going in the summer so it will be a couple of months after the marathon.
      No I didnt see the gingerbread house on TV but it sounds lovely 🙂

  4. Yaay, I’m glad you rebooked the holiday! And that you got Sky movies as an extra treat 😉

    Also, kudos on being able to maths better than the cook book. When does Andy get off work, tomorrow? He’s going to home to a mountain of baked goods!

    ps — remember to stretch!

    1. Haha I might write a post it note telling me to stretch- I always get distracted by something else!
      Andy finishes work christmas eve but he has been working from home for a couple of days. I am trying to limit myself to not too much baking (I will run out of flour anyway!)- I am adding to what we give to other people.

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