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I managed to get out for some more fresh air today- walked up to the shops in the other direction (saw a dead rat frozen in the snow which was pretty gross!)- it was icy in places, slushy in places, deep snow in places, and no clear paths at all. Shame as I was hoping that I might find a route for a run. No such luck. I also did level 2 shred (I did the cardio gently as my calves are still stiff)- actually it helped to loosen the muscles.

This afternoon I had such a christmassy snack- 2 clementines, 2 gingerbread cookies (I had some left over dough from the mini house) and some christmas tea. Love it!

Here is the tray of cookies- I decorated then with a few squares of dark chocolate which I melted, and then assorted sprinkles from one of those decirating tub things- we will be giving some of these away too;

I also did some more cooking, this time it was savoury stuff! I made some yummy pumpkin pasta. I could not remember the recipe that I did before, so I sort of made it up. Anyway, it was 1 pack of silken tofu whizzed up with around 300g canned pumpkin and 5 sundried tomatoes. I then stirred in 150g cooked wholewheat pasta and 150g cooked spinach. This made 3 portions (I put them in those silver foil tubs)- one for tonight and 2 for the freezer. Not bad 🙂 Once I am back at work I love having meals in the freezer that can defrost during the day and be cooked quickly while I am in the shower in the evening.

I have been reading on lots of blogs about how people tend to manage being healthy over christmas. Generally I don’t find it too hard, but I think as I am vegetarian I miss a lot of the typical massive meals (plus the sides like those pigs in blankets etc), plus I don’t like roast potatoes, stuffing, gravy or sauces, can live without yorkshires etc. As a family we have never had starters, whereas I know some people would have a 3 course meal at lunch for christmas. Plus I don’t drink alchohol- water and tea are the best liquids for me! I don’t ever tend to have different breakfasts- porridge is where it is at for me!  Lunches will stay fairly similar to normal. I have nice festive snacks like clementines and a few nuts. I also try to keep up with the exercise. I know myself that if I don’t exercise I start to feel lethargic and a bit bleurgh, so I make sure it is in my plan to get something done each day. 

The main issue I have is that I get given loads of chocolates from work (the children are always so sweet and like to help me open their gifts, and this year I think I was given 13 boxes of chocolates (including 2 mammoth trays of MIlk Tray)- I always manage to give lots away, and have left some at school for the staffroom, but I keep a couple, and if I open a box it is easy to have a couple here and there. They add up pretty quick! I use WLR so I make sure I log my meals each day, log my exercise (once done- I am a bit supersticious about logging it before I actually do it) and then seeing what I have left for snacks.

If I know that I have enough calories for a slice of christmas cake in the evening, then I look forward to that during the day. I won’t beat myself up if I go over my calories on a few days, but I know myself that I will start to feel rubbish, so it is in my interest to keep as healthy as possible. Gosh I have written a lot!

So, to conclude- during the festive period I try to;

  • Get some fresh air each day
  • Get some exercise each day
  • Eat lots of portions of fruit and veg each day
  • Allow for a “treat” each day (so keep the diet balanced, not totally restrictive and not all out unhealthy)
  • Drink lots of water
  • Keep and eye on calories in and calories out

Enjoy the festive season 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Festive plans”

  1. I’m the same way with staying healthy over the holidays- I really dont see how hard people make it out to be. It’s really easy if you have the slightest self control. Oh, and another tip: give food away! If you bake, give it to someone..that way it’s not staring you in the face.

  2. Whenever I bake I always try and give away at least two thirds of it and then eat one and freeze a couple, that way I don’t end up binging but enjoying more reasonably. Sounds like you have an excellent attitude to the season. I know I’ll be eating a lot more than usual but I’m trying to stick to some kind of plan rather than just eating constantly througout the day as I have done in the past. I do have a few more indulgent meals planned tho 🙂

    1. I think there is nowt wrong with a few indulgent meals every now and then, but the trick is to carry on as normal the rest of the time, instead of thinking, “oh, that was a big lunch so I may as well eat all the chocolates now”. 🙂

  3. It’s not always about self-control: if you’re an emotional overeater like I am, then just having the stuff in the immediate vicinity is a trigger.

    I admit, I really envy your willpower, and Laura’s. I always look at your porridge bowls and wonder how you can be full for more than ten seconds after them…but I have a monster appetite and am weak-willed, so that probably explains why I find resisting food so hard.

    1. It is true- I do eat when I am not hungry, particularly when I am stressed, but now that I know that I do it, I am better at stopping. But I still do it! You are right, making sure you have healthy things to hand and not unhealthy food means that even if you want a load of chocolate, if you dont have any in your cupboard, then you cant have it 🙂
      My porridge keeps me full for a few hours, I have a snack mid morning as otherwise I am starving at lunch! 🙂

  4. i love your tips for the holiday and i especially love how you are so level-headed about the whole holidays business. i don’t think that holiday-eating is such a big deal either – i think people should just try to keep eating normally and people should not let food prevent them from enjoying the holiday season – i think it is totally worth it to just indulge a little bit if that means being able to enjoy time with friends and family.

  5. Oh I remember those tins of chocolates from when my dad was a teacher!

    I definitely think it’s easier as a vegetarian. I am also such a creature of habit though, so like you, my meals will generally stay the same. Just a larger Christmas dinner, and alcohol (I do drink, but not very much — that does go up around Christmas though!). In the end though it’s only a week-long period. And even if you do gain a little weight, it’ll come off soon enough too. I think using Christmas as an excuse to binge for a fortnight is not a good idea, but I also think people panic too much at the other end of the spectrum. As others have said, a bit of indulgence is really good for the soul sometimes!

    Anyway, have a great Christmas — I’m going off grid now until the 27th. Apparently they don’t have technology in Yorkshire 😉

    1. Off grid how exciting- like something from Bourne or 24 🙂
      Yes I think most teachers get inundated with chocolates at this time of year!
      Have a great time oop north 😉

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