The excitement in my class is at fever pitch at the moment what with it being so close to Christmas. I came home as soon as I could and even managed a cup of teapigs mint tea, squeezed in between cleaning the bathroom, kitchen, doing some dusting, washing up and putting a wash on. Phew. But I feel good that a lot of those jobs are out of the way before holiday. (By the way, if you missed it, me and Andy are off to the USA for Christmas- paying a visit to Disney and also a few places in the south- Savannah and Charleson 🙂  ).

Although we are now debating to go to Gatwick on friday night (and try to get a hotel) as snow is due here. We don’t want to get stuck here on saturday morning if the snow is bad here but not at Gatwick. Any thoughts?

Anyway, I went to get my haircut and was planning on wandering around the shops, but we had some snow and the traffic was bad, and so I had ten minutes before my haircut, and then the shops shut at 7. What kind of late night shopping is that? So they were shut when I came out. I did manage a speed shop in Boots for the last few things before I ran to the hairdressers! I am trying to grow my hair a little longer, so I had a trim but had my fringe cut again; I am quite liking having a fringe at the moment- makes me look like I have a hair style instead of just hair!

No running today (and no body pump); running service (and baking service) will resume shortly after the new year 🙂

Cheerio 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Haircut”

  1. A bloke at work is doing exactly the same – flying to America on Saturday -and has booked himself into a hotel for tomorrow night.
    It’s been snowing here (Kent) this evening BBC says heavy snow at 9pm, dry tomorrow then light snow Saturday – if that helps! Fingers crossed…

  2. I’m so jealous. I’d do anything to be in a warm part of the states right now.

    Better safe than sorry with regard to the hotel, I say. Even if the snow doesn’t come down it would be heartbreaking to have something spoil or interfere with your holiday, which sounds like it’s going to be wonderful.

    Can I come with you in your suitcase 😉

  3. Eleanor- thanks – the met office are having a detailed update at midday so I think we are going to make the final decision then.
    Jessica and Rob- I am leaning heavily towards the hotel tonight, so we shall see.Rob you are right about travel being stressful- I think I would be awake all of tonight worrying if we stay at home.
    Emma- At the mo it should not be snowing at Gatwick til much later on Saturday, so I am hoping we will get off fine.
    Laura- thanks 🙂

  4. I know what you mean about having a fringe!

    I agree with the others about the hotel. Knowing that you’re a little prone to stress when it comes to travel 😉 I think you’d feel much more relaxed staying there overnight. Treat yourself. It’s Christmas after all!

  5. I totally missed that you are going to Disney! Have funn!! And I love Charleston! 🙂 You’re going to have such a good time and it’s such a pretty time of year to go…and warm 😉 It’s in the 60s here in Florida today!

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