Walking on clouds


Yesterday was the secret santa present swap at work. We don’t buy for individual people but get a themed present which are then randomly given out. I was given two pairs of fluffy bedsocks (the theme was “warm”).

After work I had a run (5 miles in the drizzle- I was so tempted by a cup of tea but I had posted on wlr in the morning that I would go- I felt better after!) and after my shower I put on a pair of the socks. It feels like I am walking in clouds they are so soft! Perfect for this time of year.

After yesterdays panic I am feeling a bit better about being ready. I have most of my clothes ready, Andy has been charging all the cameras and things, and I have a list of toiletries that I need to get tomorrow. I am having my hair cut 🙂 and as it is late night opening I can pop to the shops on my way back to pick up the last few bits I need.

I am off to relax now 🙂

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15 thoughts on “Walking on clouds”

  1. I love that you actually got something nice in Secret Santa!!!
    Where are you off to for Christmas? I must have missed that post….


    1. Off to america 🙂 Going to Orlando, Charleston and Savannah for some sunshine 🙂
      Yeah I always worry as some people get rude presents and then it is embarassing to open in front of everyone, so I was very happy with those!

  2. I’ve been freezing lately. Those socks sound like heaven! Great job going on a run outside. I’ve been trying to stay indoors as much as possible. Maybe even overdoing it on that front. Oh well. 😉
    PS – I’m currently hosting a giveaway. Check it out if you’re interested!

  3. Boxing Laura- gotta love anything warm and snuggly 🙂
    Stylish Laura- they are great and certainly help me chill out!
    Emily- I always love socks for Christmas- my Mum always used to get my Disney socks 🙂
    Janae- one more day now wooo!
    Blond Duck- hi and welcome:) Glad you like it!
    Elina- I love a good giveaway :)This time of year the indoors is very tempting 🙂

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