Pre holiday panic


So the panic has begun! I like to be packed with a week to go so I know that I will not forget anything. I also like to make sure I have cleaned the house before I go (so I don’t have to when I get home), and left it all nice and tidy. Well, I made my list the other day but I keep having dreams where I get off the plane and find I have not even packed underwear.

Today started with mince pie porridge;

Yum, sprinkled with cinnamon of course!

It was the christmas play at work and I was feeling nervous, (it went fine) but I have been feeling all day like I have been full of adrenaline- its a weird feeling. Anyway, it wasnt the play because even when it was over I still felt funny. After work I had 2/3 of a graze flapjack (I didn’t know they did them until it arrived in my box)

(along with a cardboard make-your-own reindeer which I made of course). Good for a pre aerobics snack anyway. (Aerobics was fab, very high evergy which is what I needed). I thought it might help but I still feel a bit panicked. I have put some of my holiday clothes in a box in the living room as I don’t want to wear anything that I want to take in case I don’t manage to wash it in time.

Anyway, I am going to relax now – hopefully the start of my packing will put a stop to the nervous dreams!

So what kind of packer are you? A list and organised kind, or a shove it in the suitcase the night before and don’t worry kind?

Night 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Pre holiday panic”

  1. I do the same thing with cleaning the house before I go. It seems pointless for some people because they think if you’re not going to be there, why have it super clean? But it’s just really REALLY nice coming home to a clean house after traveling all day whenever it’s time to go back.

    1. Yes I dont want to have to clean when I get home because I know I will be really tired! So to do it before I go away means I dont need to worry about it!

  2. I’m definitely the “shove it in the suitcase minutes before” kind …. I’m impressed I remembered and and got kiddies passport updated before we went away this weekend ….. yip, I’m THAT bad sometimes! But I always have to be at the airport super early not screeching in with only second to spare.

  3. I’m a bit of both, I love a good list but I still usually end up last minute and panicking!

    p.s. I ALWAYS forget to write the capcha… you’d think I would have got the hang of it by now but no… sometimes I question my intelligence haha

  4. I used to be a list maker, but as I get older I’ve become a stuff-it-in-at-the-last-minute girl! Problem is, you do usually forget something that way.. Maybe there’s some middle ground between me and you? 😉

    Hope your nerves settled anyway. This is such a busy time of year, maybe you need a night on the sofa with a tea pig and a blanket? 🙂

  5. I am the absolute worst packer in the world! I just throw everything in a bag, and always bring so much more than I need. My husband makes the most detailed list possible and goes through it all and checks it twice. It’s funny because normally, I’m the overly organized one and he’s the procrastinating anti-planner haha I do love cleaning my house before we go anywhere though! I absolutely hate coming home to a messy house!

  6. Emma- love the image of you sitting on the case and trying to make it shut! That is normally the end of the holiday for me!
    Lara- Things like not having passports are like my worst nightmare!Yes I like to be at the airport early too.
    Stylish Laura- glad someone else feels my pain!! Haha!
    Boxing Laura- that is actually my style- do a list but panic anyway!
    Alison- teapigs and a blanket sounds like heaven! 🙂
    Emily- coming home to a clean house makes the return journey not so bad!

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