Back to those intervals again

Evening all

I did a lot of foam rolling last night as I started to feel a little stiff and very tired. It seemed to help as this morning my legs felt fine. I was most excited that this evening it was lighter for so much longer! As it was such a sunny day that helped too. In the autumn I start getting impatient to leave work before it gets dark, so I can run, but in the winter I get really used to running in the dark and in the end I quite like the dark (so long as the street lights are on)- it means no one can see how red my face is! So although I love the lighter evenings, it does not affect my running as much as in the autumn if that makes sense? Anyone else love/ hate running in the dark?

After work I had an oaty bar for some energy;

Β These are replacing my seed stacked bars for the moment (although they have only a sprinkling of seeds). It had dried strawberries but actually they were quite moist and like little bits of jam in the flapjack (which is made with coconut oil and sweet freedom). Seemed to do the trick anyway!

I layered up with running tops and then headed out- I looked at the pacing on my Nike+ instead of the time or the distance to see if that helped- 2 mile warm up, 2 miles with intervals- this time I did 9 lots of 2 mins running faster (9.30 ish for the faster bits, 10.30ish for the recovery pace although it was hard to see in the dark!), then 2 miles cool down (although I was so cold I did not need much of a cool down). We continue with the theme of me making myself like intervals- these ones were ok but I think I need to go a bit faster. Maybe next week…

Then it was home for some lentil chilli- I forgot a sweet potato so while it was heating up I added some quinoa and water to cook in with it- seemed to work πŸ™‚

I baked some plums yesterday as they were “ripen at home” but have not ripened, so I might have some of those a bit later as another snack πŸ™‚


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12 thoughts on “Back to those intervals again”

  1. I quite like running in the dark on a morning – when I’m back to running outdoors I love to get up really early just as dawn is breaking – I’m not as fussed at running dark evenings though. Hope you enjoy your plums!

  2. I never really run in the dark tbh. Luckily the way my shifts work I’ll always have either mid morning or early afternoon to run. I wouldn’t really want to do it though!

  3. I loathe running in the dark during the winter simply because it’s almost impossible to discern where there are patches of black ice, so I’m constantly on edge and it tends to spoil both the speed and appreciation of the run. However, I adore running just as the sun rises, which tends to happen more towards the beginning of March given the time I get up. Morning running for me always tops evening running, because I get more and more depressed as the day wears on the longer I haven’t run! Also, I’m horribly stiff and sore by evening time if I haven’t been active during the day. I’d rather be up at 5am than wait until 5pm in terms of personal preference πŸ™‚


  4. I LOVE the fact it’s just about still daylight when I leave work! I cycle rather than run and struggle to find the motivation to when it’s dark in the evenings, although it’s fine in the mornings, maybe because I know it’ll be light by the time I get back – I think that’s kind of like your autumn/spring thing in that you know the light’s coming!
    And baked plums?! Like the sound of that πŸ™‚

  5. I really hate running in the dark, too. I always feel like somebody’s behind me that I’ll have to spin around a few times just to make sure I’m not being followed. I get super jumpy, too. One time I ran under a light and jumped at my shadow.

  6. I do like running when the sun is coming up, but that is a rare occurance for me as I would only tend to run on a work morning when there is no way of running in the evening (or in the summer when it is hot but then by the time I go out the sun is up). The streets are very quiet early morning, so it doenst feel as safe, but in the evening (5-6ish) there are loads of people about so it feels quite safe- I dont run on empty roads.
    Roll on spring indeed πŸ™‚

  7. I love running in the dark! In fact, prior to half marathon training, I only ever ran Autumn to Spring and always at night. It was only as I had to increase my distance that I started to run early mornings along the canal.

    And now your post has made me feel all nostalgic and want to get out on my favourite tow path for a run πŸ™

    1. Well hopefully you will be able to get into it soon- is it too dangerous to cycle along the tow path instead? (I know someone who did cycle into a canal when we were little as he swerved to avoid stinging nettles along the path!).

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