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Happy Sunday all

So time for the weekly recap. This week I did 4 miles on monday, aerobics Tuesday (and got stiff calves during this for some reason), a 6 mile run wednesday (still with stiff calves), body pump on thursday (which helped with the stiff calves a lot), a long run of 11.4 miles on saturday, and had a nice walk today. Total miles this week= 21.4 miles. I tried those clif bloks for the first time and they did not have any side effects. I have been foam rolling most evenings which does seem to help, although it still hurts a lot! I have also been trying to drink more water again today.

Today began with porridge in a jar- the most exciting thing about making pumpkin pasta was having some left over pumpkin that I could add to my porridge. This one had a blob of pumpkin puree, some allspice and a few dried cherries.

The addition of all the scrapings of peanut butter from the jar made it even tastier πŸ™‚ I do sometimes (especially on saturdays) add a blob of pb to my porridge, but when it is from a jar you get peanut flavour in every spoonfull. Plus the dried cherries were amazing- they had plumped up overnight and added bursts of sweetness- yum.

I had a walk this afternoon to stretch the legs, and then for lunch I tried the PB2 (powdered peanut butter) from the lovely Jess.

I was so impressed- once you added water and mixed it was just like peanut butter-(hold on, peanut butter tastes like peanut butter? really?)-Β really tasty pb too πŸ™‚


We are off to see Andy’s parents in a bit so fingers crossed they like the cake. (And also that the icing does not fall off on the way round!)

Also we signed up for the Great South Run yesterday- I love watching stuff like that on TV but the last few years the Herts 10K has been on at the same time so we have always done that instead, but this year we decided to go for that race. I have never done a 10 miler so am looking forward to that, and I think the crowd support etc will be nothing like I have ever done before either, as the races I have done tend to me smaller local ones. It’s not every day you get a chance to run a race alongside Blue Peter presenters now is it ?

Enjoy the rest of the weekend folks πŸ™‚

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17 thoughts on “Weekly recap”

    1. Yeah it’s totally delicious! One thing that the blog world has converted me to- PB used to be only used on toast before!

  1. Aaah PB oats…so so good! Can’t wait till I finish my big jar so I can enjoy! πŸ˜€

    I’m sure they’ll love the cake- it looked great! And the Great South Run looks amazing! The crowd support at big races is amazing! πŸ™‚

  2. Congrats on signing up for that race. I think I’ll have to ask jess where she got the peanut flour from, it sounds right up my street! I love oats in a jar, I had two big tablespoons of peanut butter in my smoothie this morning, it was lush πŸ™‚

  3. Exciting news on the GSR! I don’t get people who make oats in a jar though–I scrape mine completely clean, there would be no point! πŸ˜‰

  4. Alison- the heat from the porridge melts every last scrap (but I dont really scrape mine clean!…)
    Mary- I know what you mean! So peanutty!

  5. I’m so happy you like the PB2 ~ to me it’s not a replacement for peanut butter per se, but a delicious product in its own right. And oats in a jar are the best food trend to come out of blogging in my opinion ~ far better than green smoothies or chia seeds. Mmm, melty peanut butter…*Homer Simpson drools.*

    That’s a great week in terms of mileage and recovery as ever ~ I find it so satisfying to see you getting stronger by the week, and I’m enjoying living vicariously through your marathon progress!

    The Great South Run sounds like a good challenge ~ I’ve only ever ran one ten mile race (Thirsk 10 miler) and it was an odd distance to judge in terms of pacing yourself. I ran it all out as I would a 10K but in hindsight should have saved more for the last few miles and paced it a bit more like a half as I found myself flagging a little at the end. Plus, it was November 29th 2009 and the course was saturated with knee-deep areas of freezing water!

    Thanks for such a thoughtful response to my post: 90% of the time I have that approach too, it’s just that horrible 10% when I listen to external influences that I really shouldn’t. And I read that blog you mentioned too. It annoyed me but that’s the perils of blog-reading in itself I suppose…I need to stop comparing and shut my eyes to it but it’s really difficult when I feel so passionately about fitness/nutrition, despite not really understanding it.


    1. Yay I love the PB2- I am already thinking that I could mix it into an alpro chocolate pot to make a pb choc swirl thing πŸ™‚
      The ten mile run will be hard to pace although I was thinking the opposite- that I would do it like a half marathon and then speed up at the end! Although by then I will hopefully get a few 10 mile runs at the weekends so will have a good idea of timing.
      The blog mentioned (there are a few that I cant delete from my blog reader thing so I tend to only open them up every now and then) – I think it is a shame that people look up to that sort of eating and exercising and so on, so I tend to not read them any more.
      Glad you like the training update! The weekly mileage doesnt seem much compared to some, but it is a lot for me, and the training is going well so far so fingers crossed πŸ™‚

  6. I’m glad Rob asked that about the porridge as I didn’t have a clue either. I might have to try that in the empty nutella jar that I put out for washing up this morning..mmmmmmmmm…..

    Sounds like you had a great long run this weekend. Can sympathise on the sore face though. I’m actually considering putting foundation on before I go out on my next one! I find the worst bit is over my top lip where I sweat most….mmmm gorgeous!


  7. I have never tried PB2 before. I have tried peanut flour made as peanut butter and I wasn’t that impressed. Didn’t like the flavor that much.

  8. Rose- I always put on face cream before I go out, otherwise I think my skin would fall off! Oh nutella porridge would be amazing πŸ™‚
    Ally- thanks I will check yours out- you are right it is addictive!
    Cynthia- pb2 has some sugar in it so it would be sweeter than just peanut flour (which I had never heard of until a few months ago)

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