Born to Run review (and some baking)


Last night I finished Born to Run , and as promised I am going to do a little review (without giving anything away I hope).

I cannot emphasise how great I think this book is. It is a pretty easy read, but at the same time it has some great information on various running studies slotted in. The author, Christopher McDougall, tells the story of how  (after suffering more and more running injuries) he tried to track down the Tarahumara tribe of Mexico, famed for running great distances. The book flits between his experience, and the stories of various other ultra-runners that become involved in the story. I found the chapters about different races particularly gripping, as you could imagine yourself watching these 100 mile races, and it is hard to predict who will win. The athletic feats of the people involved are also pretty amazing.

The book is filled with inspiration, as well as tips and information (as part of the story, not removed from it) on running technique, nutrition (chia seeds which are all over blog land at the moment are featured in there), and footwear. I also feel like it is a book I will read again, so it is well worth a purchase in my opinion.

So, basically, if you love running, or are injured from running, or are feeling in need of some inspiration, then read it and see.

Onto other things- today I finally did some baking- woohoo! I made blondies from the Hummingbird book, only I swapped in some almonds for the pecans.

My legs are not too stiff from yesterday either- I did some foam rolling last night, which was very painful so I know it was doing me some good! I do feel very tired today, which I suppose is to be expected, but I am glad that my muscles have not seized up.  🙂

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20 thoughts on “Born to Run review (and some baking)”

  1. Thanks for the review… I NEED that book now… off to look on play and Amazon when I’ve finished commenting….

    Good news on not feeling too stiff today. It’s really funny that you should mention comparing where you are now to where you were last year as I was doing that this morning too!

    Are you pleased that you got your roller? I think it’s one of my best ever ‘running’ purchases


  2. “feeling in need of some inspiration” i certainly need some running inspiration, I haven’t run in MONTHS, so will keep it on my wish list.

  3. Those blondies look fab! I’ve never made blondies I’ve liked very much, don’t know if I’m more of a brownie person or not very good at baking them haha

  4. Great book review! I’m still reading it, but am loving it! 🙂

    Just catching up (I’ve been out for the last day or so) and killer run! Well done! Thanks for tagging me, but I’ve already done it! Seriously though, great run! 😀

  5. As running is new to me, it hasn’t really crossed my mind to read a book about running, but I might try and track this one down!
    Those blondies look really good. Coinsidently I was looking through my Hummingbird cookbook earlier- I really want to make the Lemon Meringue Pie! I am trying to resist ‘cos I know I’ll end up eating half of teh damn thing, which isn’t good when you are trying to loose weight! At the same time, I think the worse part of dieting is that I miss baking!

  6. Glad everyone liked the sound of the book! I find it hard to write about it without giving anything away, but I found it really great. Plus when I looked it was about £4 on amazon so not too bad to take a chance on.
    Laura (boxing laura) have a go at brownies! I find them so easy as you chuck chocolate and butter in a pan and melt it, add the sugar, eggs, flour and nuts, and then pour into a baking pan and bake. One pan, one tray, no bowls, no rolling out dough or anything like that. 🙂
    Ffion- I bake and then take it to someone else- eg Andys parents on a sunday or into work in the week- or I freeze them (and then forget they are in the freezer usually)- the trick it to not have stuff lying around at home 🙂

    1. You are so right about that! That was my Mums favourite song to have in the car so I always got it in my head when I picked it up! 🙂

  7. Brill review ~ methinks that will be on my next Amazon order, along with Jillian Michaels Six Week Six Pack…it’s the only DVD of hers I don’t already own. Obsessed, much? 😉

    Excellent that there’s no post long-run soreness going on either. Evidently, your body is adjusting even at a faster pace.

    Please come and bake for me sometime…actually, no, don’t ~ I’d eat you out of house and home!

  8. Must admit I found Born to Run enlightening and quite interesting, especially the accounts of the ultra races and the 2 runners geting lost in the desert and forest.

  9. Jessica- I am sure you would really enjoy it. 🙂
    Rob- I know those parts were really tense (especially the races as you didn’t know who would win)

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