Dreaming of holidays

Hey guys

I love holidays! They are my favourite thing in the world. My cereal bar habit aside, I don’t have crazy shopping days/ go out drinking or anything like that. I save my money for holidays! I was looking through some photos today, so if you don’t mind I am going to share some pics from some holidays. They were all over 2 years ago, but they feel so recent.

Loved Canada 🙂 Sooooo soo beautiful!

There is amazing wildlife (we were not that close- Andy has a great camera so he zoomed in but some people were only about a metre away- crazy).

And cute wildlife! We had walked around a park, got back to our hotel and then saw on the news that there were loads of racoons there so the next day we went back! Maybe they are like squirrels to Canadians but to me they were exciting!

This is me trying to hide my nerves while going up a cable car at Lake Tahoe. The views were worth the nerves!

We went to San Francisco twice- the first time the bridge was surrounded by cloud for the entire trip (and I had to buy a coat as I didn’t take one with me!)- the second time it was beautiful weather so we walked a long way to get the perfect picture!

The stunning Pacific Coast highway- amazing scenery again.

And of course it could not be complete without a Disney/ gingerbread photo! 🙂

Just looking at the blue skies has lifted my mood- today was such a grey day and I felt in need of some sunshine!

Normality resumed, today was a rest day. I had a staff meeting, and when I got home I had a cup of tea (teapigs chocolate) with a sesame honey stick;

Yum! Then I did a spot of baking (I had a brown banana you see….)

I made the banana oatmeal breakfast cookies from the vegan cookie book (I used half chickpea and half wholegrain spelt flour)- the only sweetener they have is 1/4 cup brown rice syrup, and 1/8 cup agave (I used sweet freedom as that is what I had), and of course the banana and some dried cranberries. I used brazil nuts instead of pecans, and added a few chocolate chips. Yum 🙂

So on the subject of holidays- what is your dream holiday?

I love a good road trip, I love sightseeing, walking and being outside. I do not like laying on a beach. I would love to go to Hawaii to see the volcanoes, the blue skies and blue sea.

Off to dream some more….

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13 thoughts on “Dreaming of holidays”

  1. I would LOVE to go to California. And also spend some more time in New York. Oh, and then there’s the Caribbean. Hmm, difficult choice!

    Is it a rest day today? If so, enjoy — I think it’s well earned after yesterday!

  2. I would LOVE to go to an island in the Maldives and hopefully lie on the beach until I get bored and go explore … which would be about 20 minutes tbh

  3. Hmmm. I’m not well travelled, having never left Europe. Doubt I ever will. Not that I wouldn’t like to, just that I couldn’t ever imagine a time when we’d have the money.

    Based on holiday’s to date, I love rural southern France. Not really the typical Provence but somewhere where you’re less likely to bump into retired English people and can get some amazing rustic fod. Overall though it would be a Greek island, Crete probably, not at a resort but some little fishing village: guaranteed sun, beautiful blue sea, a quiet little beach, mountains on the doorstep, wonderful food, great people. I can feel stress melting just imagining it.

  4. Wow – some beautiful photos. I’ve never been to the States, so I would like to go there, but my dream holiday would be to South America, especially Argentina.

  5. My dream destination would definitely be Florida, for the weather, and because there’s so much to see and do. Plus, there are so many races held there in the right season! I would hate a lying on the beach-type holiday: like you, I’d prefer to have an active time with lots of new sports that I’ve never tried (diving, surfing, etc.) I’ve always wanted to ski on real snow too but I don’t think that would be an option in Florida 😉

    I have to find some of that chocolate tea: it looks amazing.


  6. I agree with you Rob- the stress melts away just thinking about it 🙂
    Sarah I forgot about South /central america- I would love to go to see all the INca stuff in Peru, and the Aztec/ mayan stuff in Mexico too……
    Yeah Alison it was a rest day and I loved every second haha!

  7. What lovely photos! I have always wanted to visit Canada and San Francisco! I almost made those cookies at the weekend instead of my banana bread, will have to make them next time I have brown bananas! My dream holiday would be a round the world trip stopping at various cities then finishing with a week beach holiday 🙂

  8. Laura-yes make them they are scrummy and ont overly sweet so I think you would like them.
    Laura- Amsterdam 1/2m sounds brilliant!

    1. Hello! While in San francisco we went across the bay to Sausalito for the day, and also did a trip to Muir woods, but didnt go to Napa valley (would love to though). In Canada we went to Toronto, then across the Banff, drove up to Jasper, then drove to Vancouver. I LOVED Canada! 🙂

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