Peanut butter blondies

I made these the other week and forgot to post the pictures- whoops!

They are from Vegan Cookies Invade Your Cookie Jar , and they are delicious- make them now! It took about 5 minutes to make the batter and pour it into a pan.

It only had 5 ingredients- peanut butter (that is how my tub of meridian crunchy pb is already half empty!), rapeseed oil, brown sugar, milk (they do not specify which dairy free one to use) and flour (I used wholegrain spelt). Stuff that is normally in the cupboard anyway 🙂 Actually the recipe did say to sprinkle peanuts over the top, but I left this part off as I didn’t have any peanuts not in butter form.

I was pretty pleased that they looked fairly similar to the picture in the recipe book.

And a fancy stack picture, just for fun!

Normally blondies have white chocolate in them (you know, like brownies are made with dark chocolate) but these ones are soooo good, they don’t need chocolate. Although a few chocolate chips would surely complement the pb flavour…..

Onto other things, body pump was great last night. I was back to the higher weights for most of the back track (that is still my limit but glad to get back there) and I also managed the abs track without going to my knees for the last bit. I have no idea of the technical bit, (the first bit is sit ups on a block and reverse curls) but for the last half of the track you are in a plank position with wide legs, and you have to go onto one arm and reach the other arm out to 12’0clock and then 6 0’clock position, and then swap to the other arm (12 and then 9 o’clock) which is the hardest abs move. Even harder than the plank rolling forwards and backwards. Normally I managed the first set, and then have to go to my knees for the second bit but I made myself do it all. 🙂

Also the weather today was so beautiful again- I am keeping my fingers crossed that it is alright for me tomorrow as I feel like I have had so many long wet runs recently.

I am so glad that friday is here- anyone have any nice plans at the weekend? I am going out for dinner on saturday with some friends- I am hoping that I will be not so worn out from my run that I am rubbish company! Perhaps I will be a good listener instead!

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11 thoughts on “Peanut butter blondies”

  1. Great looking blondies 🙂
    My weekend is revising for an exam – but it would nice if I could look out of the window at some sunny weather!

  2. Glad you are all liking the look of them! I was most excited as they nearly look like the picture in the book!

  3. Ah, I love that plank move at the end of Body Pump. So many people struggle with it, so for you to do the whole thing is brilliant. I can do it but that’s only because I’m strong with plank work: the actual abs sections kill me in terms of sit-ups etc. Planks are about the only thing I can do!

    Wow to the blondies. If you opened a bakery I think I’d be your greatest customer!


  4. Ah Lara glad it is not just me! As we are all staring at the floor I have no idea what the other people in the class manage!
    Jess you must have such a strong core- nice work 🙂

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