Pumpkin scones

Evening all!

Thanks for the comments yesterday- I am feeling stronger with my running (and, dare I say it, a little faster) and today that was confirmed. I was so worried about feeling stiff and sore as I was tired last night (and last week I had a rest day after the 10 miles) but today was aerobics as usual, and I felt full of energy.

You will be glad to know that after the rice pudding in a jar yesterday I decided to make my own rice pudding for this evening- I am loving it at the moment, but the Rachel’s one is pretty high in fat (which is ok for me as I do not eat many fatty things) but anyway, I prefer to make my own.

So in a cup I put 25g flaked rice, added 100ml milk (normal this time, but I will try with Kara coconut milk when I have some open) and 50ml water. I left it to soak all day. Then I microwaved it for 1min 20, stirred it, added some cinnamon, a bit of vanilla and a few raisins, and microwaved again for 40 seconds.

Ok so the picture is rubbish! But it is thick and creamy (helped to cool my mouth down after my home made bean burgers- I think this batch had twice the amount of chilli than normal whoopsie!). I added a drizzle of maple syrup but actually the vanilla and raisins make it nice and sweet anyway.

But that isn’t why you are reading is it? You were promised pumpkin scones. I found a good looking recipe ages ago here, but kept forgetting and would only remember when I only had a little amount of pumpkin left. I halved the recipe and weighed them out (the original recipe is in cups etc so I used my cups but put the bowl on the scales)- 30g brown sugar, 200g wholegrain spelt flour, 1tsp baking powder, 1/4 tsp bicarb, 2tsp ginger (plus other assorted spices- cinnamon, cardamon, cloves, mixed spice) all mixed up in a bowl, cut in 55g pure spread, then stirred in 190g pumpkin. Knead it together , shape into a circle and then cut into wedges. Uncooked they looked like this;

Cooked they look like this;

They smell so good, and I think they are pretty healthy as the recipe does not have much sugar or marg in it 🙂

Goodnight 🙂

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9 thoughts on “Pumpkin scones”

  1. I’d take your rice pudding over any bought one!

    And those scones…ooh, I can just imagine their beautiful aroma.

    Glad you’re still feeling energized!


  2. I am really impressed by how easy that rice pudding was to make! I’d just need to remember to do it in the morning. Which is more of a challenge for me than I would ever expect! Clearly it’s also a magic recovery meal 😀

    And scones — they keep making an appearance. I might have to try my hand at those too at some point..

  3. I’m also impressed by the ease of the pudding – had homemade ones with pudding rice done in the oven but they work out to be alot of effort and cost compared to shop bought ones – you do get the skin though which is my favourite bit…

  4. You could finish it in the oven I suppose, but it was so easy in the microwave 🙂
    Alison you are right- great recovery food for some reason 🙂

  5. Sarah- I have no idea why they puffed up so much- maybe its the combo of the baking powder and bicarb? I normally have flat scones too, so I was very pleased 🙂
    Thanks Laura and Jemma 🙂

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