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Hello lovelies!

I am having my usual post body pump high this evening!

The usual instructor was away, and normally this means it is cancelled, but she mentioned last week that she knew someone who might be able to cover. On Tuesday (aerobics) I asked at reception and they were “pretty sure” it was on. So I was keeping my fingers crossed and very happy when I got there to find it was on. The usual crowd were there; when I arrived one regular was already getting the bars ready for us. The instructor was so impressed with how helpful we were, how well we put away the stuff between tracks once we no longer need it and how well trained we were in general with the routine. She was really good, and near the end told us she only qualified to teach it 2 weeks ago! We were all very impressed- during the chest track she walked around to check we were holding the bars in the right position, and she was very encouraging. Loved it! (And we are a class of such swots too haha!)

Boy I am tired now though!

I shared a stoats porridge bar with Andy;

This one was raspberry and honey, with sunflower and pumpkin seeds and sultanas. Yum.

I also tried chamomile tea;

This smelled like sweeties 🙂 Again I have never tried this before, but I actually quite liked it. It also has liquorice in it, which I think adds to the sweetness. I am gradually being converted to more and more to herbal teas. (Do not panic I still love chai).

I also got an email from Martin Yelling (a bit star struck haha) saying my prize it on its’ way! How exciting 🙂 So I am now spreading some marathon talk love-go check out marathon talk– it’s the rest of the interview with Andrew Lemoncello this week- go on see why I keep on about it! 🙂 Anyone else ever listen to it? Or anyone going to give it a go this weekend?

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13 thoughts on “Spread the love”

  1. I love the fact that you are all body pump swots! That’s cute 😀 I’m glad you got a good session too, despite having a fill-in instructor. Yaay for end-of-week endorphins!

  2. I’ve never listened to marathon talk, but I feel I am missing out on something and keep meaning to having seen you give it such rave reviews!

    There’s one Body Pump instructor at my gym that’s obsessed with the word ‘nipples’ during the chest track. Apparently his excuse is that that’s where the bar should be in line with at all times but really I think he’s just a little strange 😉 Not that I can talk about that…


    1. That is weird Jessica- we have female instructors, and one guy regularly comes to our class, so she has to remember to refer to us as ladies……… oh and gents too!
      Go on listen to it you know you want to 🙂

  3. I haven’t had chamomile tea for about 20 years. It had a reputation as a calmative and I drank it a lot during my finals at university. seem to recall I really liked it with digestive biscuits dunked in. I was probably just stressed. Fennel was similar and I quite liked that too.

    I have listened to marathon talk once and I quite liked it, particularly as the other guy works and runs near where I live, but I don’t listen to anything when running so there hasn’t been an obvious time to listen since.

    1. Glad there is someone else who likes it! You could listen while cooking??
      Yes I have heard that chamomile is meant to be calming too- a good pre bedtime drink.

  4. I love chamomile tea, but I’m a bit dismayed that this variety has liquorice in it – I hate the stuff (it’s my nightmare food!)

    1. But it doesnt take like liquorice as in the sweets, it just basically makes it taste sweet. It’s not like black liquorise flavour or anything.

    1. I found that it makes my pace much more even- as with music I speed up for the fast tracks and slow down for the slower ones, but with talking stuff I am much more constant 🙂

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