Blinding run!


Aerobics last night was great- again I was worried that I would not have any energy, but seed stacked bars seem to be excellent fuel (and some mint tea). Anyway it was great and I felt full of energy.

Today wasn’t the weather fantastic? After work I came home and braved my Skort (basically cycling shorts with a skirt over the top) as my capri’s were drying from the wash and it was waaaay too hot for tights! I have pretty pale skin anyway, and although my face and arms catch the sun, due to my legs always being parallel to the sun’s rays (I never sunbathe) they are pretty pale indeed. Blinding, some might say! I wore my sunglasses so I was un-affected. Anyway, 4.2 miles, with some fast bits thrown in (although not proper intervals as I was not quite sure of my route- I went a new way, there was roadworks on the pavements- pavement works?), 44 mins with an average pace of 10.30 so not bad. I wanted to be careful as my shins hurt when I kneel down at the moment (you know, when you sit on your knees with your shins on the floor), and although they didn’t hurt when running, I also felt more tired.

I was so hot and thirsty when I got home- a juicy apple straight from the fridge went down a treat (I am keeping apples to post run now as I do not think they work with me before a run).

I am loving this weather! I ran past a pub and there were people sat out in the garden, there were kids playing football in the street, loads of people out walking, cycling, running- it is so lovely to see. I am looking forward to Saturday afternoons spent reading a book in my garden- fave sunny weather activity?

Laters dudes 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Blinding run!”

  1. It was indeed gorgeous here today. My favourite summer activity is definitely having a lazy sunday afternoon BBQ! I just love grilling up loads of veg and relaxing in the garden with a cold glass of something. I could smell the BBQs on my run today actually, some ppl waste no time do they!

  2. I’m loving the weather too, though it’s making me want to run, and I’m getting angry about my knee! Maybe I should just go back to 2-3 miles again…

    Very sensible holding back on the pace, anyway. Short little runs like this (for you!) are really not so important — at least not compared to staying injury free!

  3. An apple straight from the fridge would send me through the roof *CRINGE* 🙂
    Summer just isn’t right without a BBQ and the kids playing, love it!

  4. Lara- I used to think fridge apples were wrong too, but actually if you like crunchy apples then they are even crunchier! 🙂
    Bronagh I can’t believe people were already having BBQ’s! You are right, not wasting any time!
    Alison- maybe you should try some short gentle runs if you knee can take that?

  5. I’ve had a few shorts and t-shirt runs too now, the weather is getting gorgeous! In fact, I think today might be one of those days again 🙂 I love this weather for running it’s perfect running weather!

  6. I keep apples in the fridge too…some people seem to think it’s strange so I’m glad I’m not the only one.

    I’m breaking out the summer gear too and trying not to be too self-conscious in it! Summery weather just makes every activity more enjoyable, faves being running (obviously!) but at dawn so it’s not too hot, biking at mid-day when there’s a cool breeze, walking in the woods presuming there aren’t too many midges and of course, smoothie-making.


  7. Haha – I blind people with the whiteness of my legs as well 🙂 My boyfriend says I’m actually see-through.. I used to be hung up on it, but now I embrace it, although people in China used to point and laugh at me.

    I’m loving the way – a leisurely stroll is definitely my fav sunny day activity.

  8. My legs didn’t see the sun for about 15 years but long summer runs with club last year saw me breaking out the shorts and I still have the tan lines now!!!!! This years long runs mean that I already have a tan line but capri length…not a great look really!

    My favourite summer activity is sitting on the beach with a sumptious picnic and a large glass of something pink and bubbly and alcoholic…bliss….


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