I love body pump hooray!


Loving it!

I upped some weights today- went for 15kg for the squats (which meant I had to have that at the end of the lunges too- major hard work), managed to keep to 10kg for the whole of the back track (whereas you are meant to do the chest weight which for me is 7.5kg)- before I had to tip the extra off in the last rest. Woo!

I have decided that I seem to love the triceps track the most- this release it is this song and I have been singing it all evening. I find the triceps so hard, so it is great to have a catchy upbeat song which gets those endorphins going!

It was hot though, and by the end of the squats (second track) I  had sweat running down my arm! Gross! But a brilliant workout. More eyeball sweating in the abs track too!

I like it! Plus we can change the lyrics a tiny bit to fit “Baby I like it, the way we move on the floor, baby I like it, come on and lift it some more, baby I like it, gurning like never before” etc.

Yeah, I am having the high 🙂

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6 thoughts on “I love body pump hooray!”

  1. Haha, you are on a high! That’s great work on the legs track (is that the right lingo? !) — 15kg for lunges after already squatting is hard work! I guess that’s your runner’s legs 🙂

    Happy Friday!

  2. I always end up being disproportionately strong at lunges…glad Alison has provided an explanation for that. I will miss the old back track (we don’t get the new release until next week!) as I thought Pyromania was a great song and seemed to fit the moves well. Won’t miss anything else though, particularly not biceps!

    Keep on riding that Body Pump high 🙂


  3. I agree with Jess I loved the old back track song but I love the three clean and presses in a row. So glad that you and Jess made me aware of body pump – I completely agree its so awesome!

  4. Yay 🙂
    And it’s Friday now so even better 🙂
    Yeah suppose the running must be doing some good!

  5. YAY, go you that is awesome work with the squats and lunges ….. I *hate* triceps so to have great motivational music is fantastic to get you through it. Have a fantastic weekend:-)

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