Double review


Guess what I did today!

But first, the review!

So because I went away last week, plus the bank holidays, my training has got a little messed up. I forgot to do my review last week- whoopsie! And I have been getting myself confused as to what runs I have done, and when. So a double review of the last couple of weeks;

Monday 11th- 6.8 mile run (I think) If I remember rightly I did this one pretty quickly and was feeling great

Tuesday- 10 miles – some faster miles in the middle- it was a cooler day and I think again I went pretty fast

Wed- Go to Italy- some walking

Thursday- Not much walking as it was the day of the wedding- a little walk from the hotel to the town hall and back.

Friday- A lot of walking around Venice

Saturday- Even more walking around Venice (our flight was at 11pm so once we checked out our hotel we walked all day)

Sunday- Walking around Whipsenade with my parents (for my Mum’s birthday)

Monday- 18 miles- Was easier than last time, with only the last mile being really hard as oppose to the last 2 miles. Progress, people!

Tuesday- Sports massage! Ouch! So just some walking

Wednesday- gentle 5.6 miles to see how my legs were after the massage. Plus it was in the afternoon and it was baking. Plus a walk later on.

Thursday- Body Pump- I wimped out on the squats and went back to my old weight (as I had missed a week and also legs were still tender from the massage)- but it was great as always.

Friday- 10.5 mile run (not 9 miles as per the plan)

Saturday- 13 miles steady. And I did manage to stay pretty steady for most of it. And I managed a bit of dancing at the wedding reception!!

Sunday (today) – rest day with not even a walk!

Total mileage for those 2 weeks is 64 miles. Which to me sounds crazy!

The main points for me were;

  • The 2 runs before I went away I kept a good pace, so I was pleased I could sustain my pace for a 10 mile run.
  • The second 18 miler was easier (or not as bad) as the first 18 miler I did. The last mile was really hard, but then last time the last 2 miles were really hard.
  • I tried the mule gel, but that has shown me that the clif shots are the ones for me.
  • I tried my first ice bath! And I think it was OK! Must have been as I had a second one.

Can’t think of anything else now (oh, and I downloaded the yoga podcast thing, just need to print out the pose guide as it is quite small on the netbook screen).

So there we go- a little review. Overall, I am still staying positive. I loved watching the London marathon, but that also gave me a little panic, as it means that my marathon is approaching, and also I knew a few people doing it, and they missed their target times (one guy was aiming for 4 hours and did it in 5.5)- but I suppose they may have had unrealistic targets etc. So I am going to make sure I put all the preparation in, so I can have done as much as possible to help me get to that finish line.

I am loving my rest day today! I actually got up so late (we got home at 2am from the UK wedding reception) so I have potted on some seeds in the garden, made some hot cross buns, and am going to be chilling out in the shade for the rest of the afternoon (BBQ at Andy’s parents). I had a snack for lunch- banana carob pudding (mashed banana, tsp peanut butter and some carob powder)- topped with a pear. Leave it in the fridge for a bit and it is amazing. Like proper pudding!

Hot cross buns all ready to be taken around!

I was so pleased that they looked “proper”, as I have never made them before!

I hope everyone else is loving it too 🙂


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9 thoughts on “Double review”

  1. Wow, you made your own hot cross buns! I don’t know why that surprises me, as you’re a baking demon. I hope they were well received 🙂

    1. Just got back and they were well received- Andy’s Dad told me I did not just have to make them for Easter! 🙂

  2. I think you’re as well prepared for your race as it’s humanly possible to be: you have a fantastic balance between training hard and adequate rest (unlike me) and there are lots of training plans that have people peaking at 18 miles when you’ll be doing 20. Lots of ‘first time’ marathon plans (there’s one on RW I think) don’t go over 16 miles. Just because someone else didn’t make their target, doesn’t mean the same will happen to you because you don’t know exactly where they were with injury, sleep, pre-race fuelling…they might have had a stressful week leading up to the event…anything could have happened!

    Bottom line: don’t psyche yourself out. And those are fabulous hot cross buns.


  3. You made your own hot cross buns!!!!!!!!!!! wooohooooo, I always want to but think its easier to buy – bet you never eat shop bought again though 😉

  4. Great two weeks of running! Well done on the 18 miles especially, that distance still seems insane to me hehe, as in I don’t think I’d be able to do it, not that I think you’r crazy haha

  5. Those hot cross buns – yum!!

    I can’t believe you are running for like 18 miles at a time. To me that sounds insane! Don’t worry about your goals for the marathon, I’m sure you’ll do just fine. 🙂

  6. Thanks for the comments (as always) guys. I think over the next 5 weeks there will be a lot of me having mini panics!
    So the sensible comments really do help!
    And thanks about the hot cross buns- I used the recipe from The Great British Book of Baking, and I am very impressed with the recipe.

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