Carrot crazy!

Today I was determined to get out on my run before it got too hot. I had breakfast at 8, and then left at 9. I think I should have left it a little longer, but I was fine. There was a lovely cool breeze, so I actually didn’t feel too hot during my run. The plan was for 9 miles, and I actually mapped out my route this time.

The run went well, and I didn’t even drink all my drink (had the rest once home) and didn’t have any energy gels either. I think often I leave it longer after breakfast so I get hungry during a longer run, but this time as I went out quicker I was fine.

And I saw some baby rabbits right on the path in front of me!! My route goes past a lot of fields and I was so excited to see them up close! So cute! If I could choose a pet I would love some rabbits, but the practical issues (and we like to go on holiday so would rely on other people to look after them) put me off.

Running stats in brief- Distance- 9.48 miles, time- 1 hor 40 mins, average speed- 10.33- faster mile-9.35 (I tried to up the speed at the end once I knew my legs could make it!!).

After my run I had some chocolate rice dream- (these were on offer so I bought a 3 pack to try)- it was lovely alongside half some graze rocky road (cranberries, pecans, dark chocolate buttons). I did not feel that hungry, but I think I should have had more, because when it got to lunchtime I felt quite shaky and weak.

I decided to attempt carrot pancakes for lunch- as I have a big bag of carrots that need using up! These were lovely, but not sure if I should perhaps cook them longer at a lower heat. Anyway, I mixed up 35g chickpea flour, 15g apple sauce, 30ml milk, some baking powder, ginger, cinnamon, 80g grated carrot and then water until it went to the right thickness.

With a salad of spinach and food doctor seed mix, and topped with tahini, this was a lovely lunch.

I also spent some time making some carrot and raisin spiced cookies (from the Vegan cookie book). Of course only to use up some more of my big bag of carrots!

They smell lovely (even if I missed out the walnuts because I didn’t have any and don’t like walnuts)- the recipe had orange zest in it, and I used lime zest instead (because that is what I had, and I think lime with carrot cake is yummy)- I had one and they are soooooo good- really chewy, quite sweet, just scrumptious. (I am also going to add grated carrot to my sandwiches this week).

I also popped to the shops and bought some of the most amazing granola! Apple and cinnamon- amazing!

I attempted a mint chocolate smoothie today- 40g spinach, frozen banana, water, cocoa powder, drop of peppermint extract. It was alright, not sure what was missing.

I am feeling pretty tired now, and I think some foam rolling is in order, so I am going to have a cup of tea and foam roll while it cools 🙂

Enjoy the evening folks- for me it is back to the normality of work tomorrow (until the 4 day weekend next weekend woo!).


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12 thoughts on “Carrot crazy!”

  1. I love that chocolate rice milk but I binged on it once so I get the little cartons of chocolate soy milk now instead! Those carrot cookies sound lovely and your pancakes looks fab too. Can’t wait for the 4 day weekend too!

  2. I love the sound of those cookies.

    How come you are back at work though? Do you have training days? Or are you just working from home?

  3. Those carrot pancakes look like a perfect spring meal! And I think I need to get that cookie book, my birthday’s coming up so that’s one for the list 🙂
    Loving this work/days off balance at the moment too!

  4. Far too creative! If we have a load of carrots to use up my thoughts get no further than carrot and coriander soup. Mind you I like carrot and coriander soup and despite it being 6.30am now fancy some…

  5. Rob- soup is a good idea- I didn’t even think of that! BUt no more space in my freezer for anything like that!
    Eleanor- yeah it is such a good book!
    Lara- it was so much nicer running in the cool air, although it wasn’t as warm during the day yesterday I don’t think.
    Alison- we have a training day today (tues), the kids are in Wed and Thurs, and then back to the bank holiday weekend!
    Laura- I had never tried rice milk before but it was yummy! 🙂

  6. oh how I wish I could get creative in the kitchen but I’m very much a ‘get in there and do what is necessary’ kinda person…..

    yes, i know all it takes is a bit of effort! 🙂

    all that food sounds lovely, even the mint choc smoothie 🙂

  7. Carrot pancakes – interesting idea – sounds good!

    After I’ve done cardio my appetite is usually a little suppressed for a while. The opposit is true for yoga – I always come out absolutely starving!

  8. Mmm, I am craving that smoothie. And your pancakes!

    I often see rabbits when I’m out running/cycling too, and there are so many baby ones around right now. I always have to keep trying to herd them away from the road though, as the poor things are so clueless and panicky 🙁 I feel like a sheepdog sometimes.


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