One month to go!

And now you will see my panic rise!

Just realised I didn’t post on Tuesday either! Ah well, nothing to report. Went to aerobics, it was fun.

Yesterday I went out on a little run- did not quite manage 6 miles. It took me ages but that was because even though I changed my route to avoid crossing some roads, I went out at half 5 and I had to stop loads to cross roads. So 5.7 miles took 61 minutes, but my actual speed was 10.34 for a couple of miles, and 9.54 for others. So not as slow as it sounds!

The weather was great as it was sunny but with quite a strong breeze so I never got hot. Although it was one run (my first in ages) where I did not feel much enthusiasm for it. Also for the last part I turned off my mp3 player and listened to my breathing- this makes my breathing go crazy. Any last minute tips for the 20 miler on Sunday? (No earphones are allowed as I think it is on open roads).

Right, ย off to work, catch you later guys ๐Ÿ™‚

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8 thoughts on “One month to go!”

  1. No tips, you’ve done the ground work, you’ve trained & researched fuelling, your legs are good … you will be good ๐Ÿ™‚
    Enjoy it xx

  2. If you’ve done 18 miles (which you have, twice remember!) then you can do 20. You’ve put in all of the hard work in training leading up to this point and there’s not a lot more to do other than give it your all, without racing too hard as the marathon is still the ultimate goal. Perhaps think of it as a fast-paced training run rather than a race.

    Lulls in enthusiasm are really common at this point in training because I think everyone gets a bit burnt out and anxious prior to tapering (and then goes stir-crazy during tapering!) so I wouldn’t worry about that.

    Good luck!


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