My word, packing for a weekend including a race (sort of) is so much harder than a normal weekend! I did not realise how much stuff I have before, during and after a run, especially a long run!

I think I am there, but who knows! I guess I will find out on Sunday.

When I got home from work today, I was going to pack, but then a cup of teapigs chocolate tea and some plamil mint chocolate was calling me. Guess what I chose! Yum that mint chocolate is good (not too minty like some can be).

So instead I did packing after my post-body pump shower!

Tonight body pump was great as usual. I decided to go back to the highest weights (for me) for squats, and add a little bit on to the beginning of the back track. Such hard work though! And one of the girls gave me a birthday card (she knows Andy’s Mum, who told her)- how sweet! I was not expecting that at all! 🙂

Is anyone looking forward to the wedding tomorrow? We will be driving I think, but I am sure I will see the highlights on the news. I was not that fussed about it (excited about my 4 day birthday weekend)) but at work all the kids have been very excited, and seeing all the tourists flooding to London shows that England is pretty unique with the royal family still going. And I think it is nice that there is something good in the news for a change. I am not quite decking the halls with bunting though!

Right, I am off to re-check my list! We might have internet so I might manage to check in, otherwise see you when I am 30! Fingers crossed my race number does not self destruct (or my legs), and hope everyone enjoys the wedding, the 4 day weekend and everything else!


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12 thoughts on “Packing!”

  1. Eee, I’m so excited for you 🙂 And happy birthday in advance.

    The wedding is something I’m personally not interested in but it’s lovely to see the country having something to celebrate and generally being upbeat. I’m just trying to keep my cynicsm to myself because if it’s making people happier for a day then it has to be a good thing. And the day off always helps 😉


  2. This will be really good experience for you Maria.

    I’d forgotten how much nervous energy and stress there is before a marathon when there’s travelling to be done. Its not the same as flying and overseas travel but just the extra organisation of thinking of what you need to take with you will be a good dress rehearsal.

    The race itself is just another training run though. Remember that – you’re not looking to complete it any faster than you would have done if it were a run alone and from home.

    As for the wedding, my mood drifts between ambivalence, cynicism and outright hostility. I wish them well as a couple and william certainly seems a far more likeable character than his half brother (no matter how many PR events the Palace staff conjour up for him). However, the more sycophantic news reports I read/hear/see that assume I’m excited the more irked I become.

    1. Yes you are right- I am seeing it as a training run, so I am hopefully not going to go any faster than usual. The packing bit is a bit of practise for when we actually have to go away for the marathon too.

  3. I’m late to this, but on the off chance you do get on the internet, good luck tomorrow! And I hope you remembered everything you need 🙂

  4. Good luck for the race and hope you’re having a great birthday weekend, looking forward to reading about it when you get back 🙂

  5. Thanks! 🙂
    I had a fab day- I remembered everything (even though I nearly forgot safety pins).
    Phew 🙂

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