All coming together

First, thanks for all the comments. Rob- you made a good point (haha) about the safety pins in hand luggage- I had not thought of that so thanks.

Today I had a 3 mile run planned after work and I had a new snack before I went out.

This was nice and nutty- massive chunky nuts in there, but also very sweet and sugary- too early to call it carb loading I think!

I went out and found the first bit of the run hard (uphill and into the wind) but then coming back much easier (I could feel the wind blowing my legs)- I managed the whole route in 29 mins, and I think recently my quickest time for that route was 32 mins, so I am pretty pleased. Once home I had some lovely coconut water to rehydrate and also coz it tastes lovely!

I have decided to miss aerobics tomorrow for a few reasons- 1- I think I will be tempted to go a bit too high impact. 2- It saves me money as if I am going and do low impact I may as well do something at home. 3- I will do my 2 mile run tomorrow as on Wednesday I have a lot of work to do and so do not want to be more rushed for time. Thursday I am having my hair cut straight after work, and then will have more work to do in the evening (stuff that the kids are not doing til Wednesday and needs a lot of marking etc. by Friday, annoying as I can’t do it any earlier)- so might manage a walk or some yoga or something like that. Friday I am being picked up from work at 3.30pm to go straight to the airport, so nothing on that day either. It feels weird not doing much exercise after so long of doing a lot more, but I know that my leg still work. I just have to focus on one foot in front of the other. If I get there as now there is another volcano ash cloud apparently. Fingers crossed people, fingers crossed!

I am thinking that a marathon abroad is much more stressful than doing one down the road! And (how exciting) I had a reader request (oooooh sounds like a real blog) to put the link on for the Stockholm marathon website, so I will sort that out later in the week and of course I expect you all to be glued to your computers all of Saturday looking for updates as I pass the checkpoints. Or I will pretend you will as it will give me some incentive to keep going! Night for now 🙂

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5 thoughts on “All coming together”

  1. You bet your a$$ I will be watching your progress, you will ROCK Stockholm 🙂
    Busy huffing and puffing and blowing that pesky volcano ash away.

  2. It’s crazy windy at the moment – I’m sure that I’m burning load more calories running into it 🙂

    I’ve got my fingers crossed for you – the ash cloud fuss doesn’t seem as bad this time.

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