Final review


That is how my brain feels! I keep having dreams about the marathon- about running too slow, or not passing the checkpoints in time, or not being able to see the pacer runners, or just not actually running it for some reason. I am not sure how I can take a whole week of these nerves!

Anyway, one of my main worries was breakfast- I like porridge and really thought about this aspect far too late. Not sure if our hotel does breakfast (we think it does but not 100%)- I looked on google to see if there are Starbucks in Stockholm as they do porridge (apparently one at the airport so no use for the morning), then for MacDonalds (but then when I looked on the Swedish MD site they did not list porridge on the menu). Anyway, when looking on Ocado at our shopping I spied a tub of grasshopper porridge (like the Stoats ones I tried but never see in the shops)- all you do it add hot water. Enter stage 2. Do we have a kettle in our room? If we have breakfast provided could I take the pot and use the hot water from the coffee machines? Etc. Anyway, I considered buying a travel kettle but then I rang my Mum and it turns out she has one (well, in fact 2, but I only need 1!). So now my breakfast is sorted. Phew.

Today I also did some more baking (no food processor this time). Andy requested blondies, and I saw this recipe and decided to have a go. In the end I used my normal blondies recipe from Bake by Rachel Allen, and then copied the icing idea from that blog. They look good and we had a little nibble from the offcuts when I was slicing them.

I can not slice things into even sized pieces! Dearie me. Anyway, luckily we took these to Andy’s parents so they won’t be around to tempt us.

(This was not the off-cut, it just shows the layer of blondie and icing)

Onto the review. It was a different week as I had the 2 runs last Saturday and Sunday, so I have not really done much running this week.

Monday- Yoga podcast and a walk- rest day really

Tuesday- Aerobics

Wednesday- 5 mile run after work (work was a school trip so lots of walking and stress!)

Thursday- Body pump- lower weights for legs etc again.

Friday- Rest day- was going to have a walk but went to see my Nan instead.

Saturday- 7 mile run- fab 🙂

Sunday- Yoga/ rest day

Total miles- 12 miles!

I am feeling a bit antsy now, but I keep telling myself that this is how I am supposed to feel???

Also, I am not sure about going to aerobics this week? I could go and do lower impact stuff, but then am I better to save money (and time) and go on a gentle run straight after work instead? At the moment I am leaning towards the second option, but I am not sure. I think that I will be tempted to fling myself about a bit too much if I do end up going.

Anyway, the packing has started (very slowly) and I am going to wear my running trainers on the plane to save space in my hand luggage, and have as much as I can with me (all the essentials) just in case.

Regarding the sports bra incident is that I have 2, so I will be taking the other one with me! And I have had them a while (well, since earlier this year or maybe the Autumn?) and they have not done that to be before, so I will be double checking before I leave the hotel room! 🙂

Also I got an email saying that it is going to be broadcast on-line, and also as it records our chip times every 5k approx that they will be on the net too, so I have already emailed my Mum and Dad with the details so they can sit glued to their computer for 5 hours on a Saturday afternoon, or is that being unrealistic??

Right, enough of my rambling. I am off.

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10 thoughts on “Final review”

  1. Oh I do like the grasshopper porridge pots, they are great (chocolate being my favourite ;-)) but had to give them up because they cost way too much for a stay at home slave like me 😉

  2. Lara- yeah I could not believe how much they were (£2 for some oats and raisins- I could get a bag of each for that) but I thought it would be good for a one off.
    Eleanor- yup I will post the link 🙂 Thanks for asking!
    Sable- it is not that I am impatient particularly, it is just that I cannot seem to cut them evenly!

  3. Sounds like everything is under control…apart from the dreams…and there’s not a lot you can do about those.

    Carrying anything possible in hand luggage is definitely the way to go in terms of your gear for the race, but remember the safety pins can’t go in there.

  4. I reckon some yoga may be beneficial this week to help relax you! 🙂

    it’s like following a pregnancy and we’re now in the very last stage…. almost here… 🙂 x

  5. I’m very excited for you and can confirm that antsy is EXACTLY how you should feel, well maybe not ‘should’ but definitely will!

    I just caught up on your wardrobe malfunction post. I wear the same bra and had the same problem a while back. It happened a few times and I had to get my hubby to squeeze the hook back together a bit tighter. It’s okay now as long as I only wear it for running. I keep meaning to put a stitch in it just to make sure.

    I’m glad you have the brekkie situation sorted now. I get pots of porridge like that but from M&S. I just throw some sultanas in as they travel okay too.

    As for what to do this week, I’d say do as little as possible. Maybe some gentle runs or walks rather than anything too vigorous. I’m not sure if you are usually on your feet all day teaching but it would be good if you could try and sit down as much as possible at work too. Every little bit of extra energy will count!


  6. It’s so exciting! The porridge pots sound like a good idea … and you sound very organised.

    I’m more of a packing the night before sort of girl, but I guess you want to be really sure that you’ve got everything.

  7. Rob- great point (get it??) about the safety pins- I had not thought of that.
    Yeah yoga is better for me I think- makes me relax a bit!
    Rose I can’t believe it happened to you too (well, I can really)- yeah I am going to have to make Andy check that it is all on properly.
    Laura- I have to be organised or else it leaves me more things to panic about!
    And Sarah- packing the night before- ahhhh the thought of that makes me come out in a cold sweat!!!

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