I would run 1000 miles

Ok, so I realise that the song is actually walk, and possibly 5000 miles. But still, it is in my head after I logged on to my Nike+ today. 1000 miles since last May. Not bad going. Paula even had a little video clip for me!

So first up today was our school trip- walking around a model village all day is actually very tiring! Making sure you do not lose any children is quite stressful! It was a lovely day but they were so excited (even about going on a coach) so it was tiring. I even had a cup of tea right after the kids went home which is very unlike me, but I was shattered. Then home for a run in the drizzle. Nice. Well, actually it was quite nice. I had a 5 mile run, and as I mucked up my weekend runs I missed the interval run on Monday. So I had considered doing some of that while I was out, but after about 2 miles I think the tea wore off and I felt so tired, so in the end I kept it very gentle. I feel like I am totally easing off more than I should, but hey-ho.

Dinner was fab- some of my lentil tofu veg bake with some crunchy food doctor beans on the side, and a massive pickled onion 🙂

Thanks for the comments about the carb stuff- I have been reading different things and the idea now seems to be that just to make sure you get enough normally, and not to go crazy. I think we might make some pasta to have cold on Friday evening on the plane (I am going to the airport straight from work- Andy is going to pick me up, and as our flight is at 8 we do not want to wait until we get there for dinner. And I love the bagels idea- we have some in the freezer so I might dig them out for snacks at the end of next week. But I had a look over my food diary on WLR and I seem to be getting enough at the moment anyway- I suppose I do not follow a low carb diet or anything like that- I tend to have them at most meals.

I feel like I am on the final countdown now- on my run today I thought “only 3 more runs after this before the big one”- and tomorrow is my last body pump (as I am not going next Thursday). I am kind of excited but also very very nervous.

Right, off for some blog perusing now 🙂

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7 thoughts on “I would run 1000 miles”

  1. Well done on the big milestone – not bad at all!

    I did my first run in the rain the other day and quite enjoyed it – it was like someone running with me, kindly spraying me with water. The wind wasn’t so great though!

  2. Wow!!! 1000 miles is incredible, you should reward your toes with some nice new socks or something!

    Your dinner looks gorgeous too. Have never ever had the desire to try Tofu until tonight but now I do! Will be tapping you up soon as my vegetarian Aunt and Uncle are coming to visit in August and I’ve cooked them the same sort of stuff every time they’ve come and they always feed us really gorgeous things.

    I can’t believe that you have so few runs left now!!! Are you getting excited yet or nervous or both?


  3. Yes Alison, next Friday- eek!
    Rose- sort of both really, sometimes excited and sometimes very very nervous indeed!
    Sarah- yeah the rain was ok really as it did keep me cooler

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