Official taper starts now!

And I am already a bit panicked about the whole thing. I was really sore this morning after my run yesterday (I think sitting at the computer doing work all afternoon did not help)- I did some foam rolling first thing and also did some yoga for runners (which was very hard- I am so inflexible)- this did help as my legs were better. But anyway, I looked at my plan and I have hardly any miles this week (and I used all sorts of plans and magazines when I made the plan, so not sure how to decide what to do)- this week I have 3 mile interval, 5 mile tempo and 12 miles long. The 12 miles long seems ok, but the others seem short. Any ideas? I think I might add some to the tempo run. As I still have 3 weeks (well just under 3 ) to go. The next week is 3, 5 and 7, then 3, 3 before the race itself. So any ideas welcome? I kind of feel that I have 3 weeks to go, and perhaps I mistyped the distances for this week, as it seems to cut down quite sharply, and maybe I should do a bit more this week and then cut down more during the last 2 weeks. I thought the rule was 75%, 50%, 25% or something like that in the weeks leading up, but then I am muddled as to which week I am on- was the 75% last week, or is that this week- I think it is this week, well, starting on the Saturday just been.

Anyway, onto the weekly review.

Monday- rest day (after the big 20 miles)

Tuesday- 3.2 miles- was meant to be tempo but kept it easy as I was still sore

Wednesday- 6.7 miles- with some tempo in there

Thursday- Body Pump- keeping up with the weights

Friday- rest day

Saturday- 15 muggy miles!

Sunday- gentle walk (and some yoga- new training alert!)

Total miles- 25. But if I did my miles Sunday-Sat then I would have done 45 (I know this because that is how Nike+ did it, and it surprised me when I logged my run yesterday that I had done that many miles, as I thought the most I had got up to was a 30-something mile week).

Still feeling ok, my little toe was bothering me on my run, so I am going to see if I can find something (I need a toe-thimble I think) to take the pressure off.

Onto non-running related things:

Over the weekend I was given a few more birthday pressies- a pretty apron with cupcakes on it, some pretty earrings, running socks (obviously!), Superjam cookbook (how my weekend leisure time will change once the running gets less!) and some pretty stackable bowls and things! I am most excited about them. 🙂

So, any idea with the taper? I would appreciate any guidance as I know all the stuff says better to be undertrained (eg more rested)than overtrained but I feel that 3 weeks away (well, 2 and 5 days) is still a long time. Is it a long time?

I had better go before I panic myself further!


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9 thoughts on “Official taper starts now!”

  1. Haha, I like the new training alert! 😀

    Different plans have you tapering differently. Yours does make a sharper drop than some, but then the two shorter runs are hard (speedwork and tempo) — the idea behind that is to keep you finely tuned without tiring you out too much with unnecessary miles. You’ve done the hard work with the long runs — that has to happen 4 weeks out. So now it’s not really a case of putting in the miles, but just keeping your body ticking over, and reminding it of what it needs doing.

    I don’t have enough experience of difference training plans, but given that you cross train, I would say stick to your plan as it is. Like I say, you’ve put the important mileage in already, and best not to risk overtiring yourself with overly long runs that don’t stand to give any payoff in time before the marathon. Just make sure the miles you do do are good quality ones.

    That’s my tuppence worth anyway 🙂

  2. I just dug out my schedule. For the last 3 weeks I did

    – 8 (including 400m intervals), 4 (tempo), 15 (LSR)
    – 5 (steady), 8 (5@ tempo), 10 (LSR)
    – 2 (easy), 5 (3@ MP)

    Remember that I ended up injured and not being able to walk by the end though!

  3. Unfortunately I can’t help with the tapering as I don’t bother with it, nor do I run according to plans. Hence, the reason I am injured all the time! Alison’s advice sounds great though (well, not the not walking part, but everything else lol)

    As for the toe, have you tried Compeed? They’re intended for blister protection but I find them useful for cushion purposes as well.

    Don’t panic. We all know you’re great, so believe it yourself. How can you panic after such a strong 20-miler?


  4. The 75/50/25 does seem to be fairly normal but there are also plans that only have a 2 week taper or taper more (earlier). I think I’d be tempted to go as it is – especially as you had a little soreness! Taper should let all the niggles and deep muscle fatigue melt away, plus, any training you do from now wont get you any fitter for the marathon – all it does is keep you sane and limit any fitness loss.

  5. Nothing to do with your running schedule but please remember to go lower on your squat and lunge weights in body pump until after your race, I mention this because my instructor would say when she was training for VLM that she would take it much lighter before long runs to save her legs.


  6. Thanks to Alison, Jessica and Rob for your running advice. It helped me today!
    And thanks Lara for the reminder about body pump- yes I will lower the weights for the next 2 weeks.
    And thanks everyone else too 🙂
    Ffion I saw them on Amazon, but I think my Dad got them from a cook shop.

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