15 muggy miles

First of all, thanks for all the comments about the run last weekend and so on. Each time I read a new one it really helps with my confidence, and also makes me smile.

So I keep meaning to say on here- you know a while back I got that lovely parcel from Meridian? Well the guy who sent it also let me know about a race, and I said I would put a link on here. It is called the cake race (great name to start with, yes?) and it is a 5k multi-terrain race. It is on the 22nd May, in the Bristol area, and is in aid of a local school. I would love to do it, but the timing does not quite fit with my training, and Bristol is a bit of a way to travel for a 5K. But anyway, if anyone fancies checking it out, look here.

So, back to the usual. I have been a bit busy these last few days. Thursday was body pump- again kept higher weights- hooray. Friday I had a lovely day after work- visited my Nan, went to the Waffle house with some friends (for belated birthday celebrations) and then out for dinner with some other friends (more birthday stuff). So no posts. I did have a lovely breakfast on Friday-

An apple, some rude health muesli and some apple and elderflower yoghurt (which is totally gorgeous). This was just so summery and perfect for a sunny morning.

Today my plan was 15 miles. I actually was really delaying my departure this morning- partly due to the weather (we had a few bouts of torrential rain and I did not fancy ruining my shoes) and partly due to being tired. Anyway, I planned my route (a boring out and back in the end as I could not work out another one, plus I wanted to avoid the lakes as they would be muddy and sometimes get underwater). It did not rain, and after a bit the sun came out, and it was just so muggy and hot. There was an occasional breeze, but it was warm and damp air so I was just so sticky. It was very slow (took me 2 hours 53) but there was stopping, and by the end my toe was hurting. I think I might need to get some kind of padded plaster thing as there is definitely something on the bottom. Once home I was in need of more liquid!

2 glasses of water and some lovely coconut water with pineapple- I had forgotten how lovely this is! I had loads of it last year when I was training for my half, but chocolate milk got in the way this year. I should have had an ice bath, but I forgot to make any ice, so made do with a cold shower.

My lunch was my take on a bakewell pitta (we never had a bakewell tart last weekend, and I never liked them when I was little, but now I do like almonds, although not pastry still, anyway, get off this tangent)- food doctor pitta with lovely meridian almond butter and cherry spread.

Yum it was so good! I am loving the almond butter, and the sweet cherry spread went very well indeed.

This afternoon was set aside for report writing, although I did pause in the middle for a toffee rice pudding.

Yum! I do like the plain one as you can then add pb, chocolate, or other stuff (I like dried figs in it) but this toffee one was good.

Then things went downhill- basically I was waiting for the shopping to be delivered (5-6) and was then going to stop work and make dinner. I had a call to say they were running late, so decided to keep on with the work. Bad idea, as then I got very tired and a bit shaky. Also I got very stiff from sitting down all afternoon, so my legs are more sore now. When the shopping finally came, I was starving, so made a cup of tea to drink while I cooked (not easy)- and in the end had a shortcut dinner.

Some carrot pancakes turned into carrot mix being cooked in a tray in the oven and topped with meridian tahini, and I used the other packet of Food Doctor easy grains (these ones are made of quinoa, lentils, spelt, kidney beans) with some tinned tomatoes, spinach, and topped with some Food Doctor seeds.

This was good, but I could have done with it an hour earlier! I love the way the tahini melts over hot things, and those seeds add such a good crunch to any meal. I am getting a bit obsessed 🙂

Right, I am off to elevate my legs! I have not washed my compression socks after last weekend, so we shall see if that adds to the after effects too. Night 🙂

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4 thoughts on “15 muggy miles”

  1. The chocolate milk getting in the way made me laugh!

    I love tahini with pretty much anything, but it goes especially well with carrot based stuff IMO. I also really like those FD grains as a shortcut.

    I think you’re bound to be feeling sore and tired at this point — you’ve done A LOT of mileage in the past few weeks. When does your taper start, it must be pretty soon right? You’ll pick up then no doubt, and raring to go by the time the marathon comes round. So exciting!

  2. A bakewell tart pitta – that sounds like a good idea! I do like the real thing, but pastry doesn’t like me (instant indigestion), so this could be the solution.

    The weather is really muggy at the moment. My run was pretty sticky even though I was out by 8:30am. I’m loving coconut water at the moment, I’ve not tried the pineapple flavour before though.

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