Peanuts and butter?

Evening all

Today started off fab- with some porridge and delicious smooth meridian pb.

And at work someone made me chuckle as I was saying how much I love pb, and they went “is it just peanuts and butter mixed together?” Hmm. I did correct them!

Before my run I had an Eat Natural bar- normally I don’t go for these, but I had it in a Boots meal deal (from the day I flew to Italy- it is well travelled) and decided it might give me a boost.

It was delicious anyway. Then I went for my run. I measured out a 6.7 mile route (was supposed to be 6 miles with some tempo in there) and headed out. I managed some decent speeds at times, but my leg is still a bit sore, when going down steep hills, and as the route has some underpasses and things like that, I had to take those slowly. I had a couple of miles at 9.52 and 9.54, but the rest was rather slower. Plus I had loads of waiting as I was running at rush hour (you know, to cross roads).

Dinner was rather random- some chickpea stew with extra veg and sprinkled with some Food Doctor seeds.

The seeds added a lovely crunch, and they are great for protein- 28% (so a little 15g serving has 4.2g which is pretty good.

So my toe nail has not fallen off, and now I think maybe there is some kind of blister/ hard patch thing on the bottom. But who knows. I am sure it is something to do with the pressure- maybe I did my shoes up too tight or something. But anyway, until my actual toe falls off I don’t need to worry!


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12 thoughts on “Peanuts and butter?”

  1. Its probably a blister developing into a callous Maria. That’s good though in that it will protect your toe in the future. I still have one purple and one black toe but neither cause pain despite the callous that was already on the black toe now peeling away. (Enjoy your breakfast!).

  2. Lol at your well travelled Eat Natural bar! They are good for running fuel, but otherwise I find them way too sweet.

    I can’t believe you’re already out doing tempo runs after the weekend. You are unstoppable!

  3. look after that toenail. I’m about to lose my two middle ones, thought I’d saved them but yesterday it became clear that they are only attached down one side….

    Now…honey sticks…..why the heck did you send me such amazing, delicious, tasty, incredible, gorgeous little things?????? I’ve tried 3 local healthfood shops now and none of them stock them!!! Grrrrrrr. Where do you get them….. I NEEEEEEED to know!!!!!


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