Hello, my name is Maria and I am a hoarder

Yes, I am a total hoarder.

This morning I decided to re-arrange my tea cupboard. Yes, first of all, you read that right. I have a whole cupboard for tea.

Yes, that really is all just tea. Or as Peter from Family Guy would say, “All the tea”. Β Is that too much tea for two people?

Many various Teapigs teas, a lot of Equal Exchange Chai (it was cheaper to buy 6 boxes and we will drink it in the end), all the Whitards bargains. And hidden under all the boxes, a container for boring teabags!

One container for chai teabags (yes, we used to have only 2 containers for teabags, now we have a cupboard full). Three tins of loose leaf Whitards Christmas tea (one now contains Teapigs Assam loose leaf tea)- one was super cheap as it had a dent in the tin. Plus loads of other teas- Cosy teas from when I reviewed them, Twinnings, Rooibos chai, mint… Perhaps I should leave teaching and open a tearoom in my living room instead?

I was going to calculate how many cups it would all make, but then I didn’t.

Then I found some more. But I could not be bothered to get it all lined up again.

Random samples and yogi chai (which I find very strong smelling, kind of like aniseed, so I keep it in another cupboard so it doesn’t make the other tea smell like it).

I knew I liked tea, but I did not quite realise how much!

Then I realised I hoard other things too.

Cereal bars (what can I say, I like variety). If we had other Clif bar flavours over here you know I would have boxes and boxes of them!!

Nut and seed spreads. I also have some pumpkin seed butter which I found in my cupboard after too.

And lots of dried fruit varieties. Strawberries, cherries, mango, peach, apple, dates, cranberries, figs. I do not even eat dried fruit that much, but I love it in baking and every now and then. And porridge.

I like variety, and I never know what I will want, so I like to have a lot of different things to choose from. Only thing is, the best before date comes and goes….

Anyway, I have been using some of them up.

Today I had porridge and peaches in a peanut butter jar.

Yum. This was to warm me up before heading out to the St Albans half marathon (to cheer the children on and give out the medals). Bronagh I hope you got on OK and didn’t get too wet!.

I also made some little Katie inspired mint chocolate fudge babies- using up some of those dates and getting to use my new food processor still( the most important bit!).

This was 150g dates, 45g cashews, 2tbs cocoa and a drop of peppermint essence. Yum they are delicious. πŸ™‚ (and 65 cals a piece according to WLR )although I think I would use a different nut next time as I was not so keen on the cashews- maybe almonds or brazils. The original recipe uses walnuts, but I don’t like them and I don’t have any, hence the cashews. I could go crazy with my dried fruit collection- I reckon brazil and cranberry with cocoa for rocky road ones would be good.

I also had a massive cup of Christmas tea when I got back from the run as I was so cold and wet (using up the tea you see).

Anything that you love to hoard? And why do you think you do it? I think it is because I am soΒ indecisive, although in fact that makes it worse because I have to choose. Hmm.

Other news.

Yesterday I did a run- 8.5 mile in 1 hr30 (so I have got back to my normal ish speed, compared to last week where I think I did under 7 in 1hr 20)- I managed 4 miles at 10.23 pace near the end. I seem to take a good few miles to speed up, and then it seems I can maintain that speed for the rest of the run. Anyway, we went bowling after that (I for 45 for the first game- can anyone get lower than that??) which was fun, and then for a BBQ. Good times.

Finally, I know I do not go on about my weight on here, but I stepped on the scales yesterday. Since starting marathon training, I have put on 3lbs. Now, that does not seem like much, but as I am short I think it shows quite a lot. One pound on each arm and one on my stomach I think (I know that is not how it actually goes but that is where it shows on me). So, I am not going to post my weight on here, but I am going to be making a big effort over the next few weeks to keep up the exercise, and make healthy choices. I decided that putting it on here may give me a little more incentive.

Bye πŸ™‚

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25 thoughts on “Hello, my name is Maria and I am a hoarder”

  1. This is an awesome post! I am so nosey, but about the most incidental things, like how many jars of nut butter someone has πŸ˜€

    I wouldn’t be too concerned about the weight. Keep an eye on it by all means, but it’ll take a while for you appetite to catch up (or rather, scale down) to your decreased activity. Just as it took time for you to learn to increase portion sizes and add in extra snacks during marathon training, it’ll take a little time to take that stuff out again.

    Great news on the run too.

  2. Awwww they’re adorable! And I think your rocky road idea sounds delicious!

    I’m not always happy with cashews either… sometimes they taste stale. Almond are much more reliable!

  3. Mmmm, the brazil-cranberry-cocoa fudge baby idea sounds delicious! πŸ™‚

    I hoard food too, pretty much the same ones as you – bars, nut butters, tea when I don’t even really like tea, yet keep buying different varieties in the hope of liking them then forget about them sometimes without even opening the box! We also have loads of carbs – huge bags of pasta, lots of different rice, noodles, tortilla wraps, quinoa, other grains…partly convenience of stocking up when we do an online shop, but partly because I buy something new to try then only use it once or twice…seems to be a pattern! I must sort out my cupboard & write down everything we’ve got – been on my to-do list for ages!

    My Mum has gained 7lbs since she did her marathon, I think it’s quite normal & now you’re aware of it I’m sure you’ll be able to keep it under control.

  4. Alison- glad you liked it!
    I am keeping an eye on my weight not stressing about it or anything like that, and you are so right about getting used to the reduced appetite and stuff. It will take time I guess.
    Katie-It will be almonds next time, and glad you liked the rocky road idea!
    Lucy-I am glad it is not just me! And thanks for that about your mum too- you are right now I know I can keep an eye on it! πŸ™‚

  5. I’m a total hoarder as well, I have a nut butter basket, a tea shelf, tins with my ‘superfoods’ in, boxes of cartons of non dairy milk and grains, a box for my protein powders, box for my nuts and dried fruit, drawers of chocolate and snack bars, I can’t believe I manage to fit it all in my kitchen! Oh and I totally thought of you yesterday on my run when my shock absorber run bra strap pinged off! I managed to keep going but it was so annoying, I just remember when you said it happened to you πŸ™‚

    1. Oh no! It has happened to a few people I have seen- it must be to do with how the straps are adjusted I think.

  6. I wouldn’t say I’m really a hoarder, but I do tend to hoard “health food” products. I buy things to try if I’ve never had it before and if I like something I have to buy it to make sure I don’t run out.

    I also have quite a big selection of teas, but I like variety πŸ™‚

  7. Thank you for the lovely shout out in this post! It was such a horrible day for for the half marathon today, wasn’t it? I don’t think it stopped raining once throughout the whole 13 miles, but I managed to complete it without taking any walking breaks and I beat my previous half mara timing, so I’m chuffed πŸ™‚ I actually really enjoyed the course, lovely scenery and there seemed to be quite a few downhill sections which my legs appreciated! I hope you managed to get suitably warm/dry after standing about all morning.

    Oh and I’m definitely a hoarder like you! I have cupboards full of dried fruit, nuts, teabags, running fuel stuff and other random healthfood buys. My boyfriend makes fun of me for it, but I just like having choice! It’s good when the baking mood strikes because I can almost guarantee that I’ll already have all the ingredients required!

  8. Sarah- hooray for teas πŸ™‚
    Bronagh- well done for getting out there in this rain, and not walking (esp up Bluehouse hill- that is a hard one!)- and for beating your time too!
    You are so right about having the ingredients for baking- that is for sure a plus side of hoarding!

  9. Food never lasts long enough around me for me to hoard it! Although I did used to be a bar hoarder at one point. Your tea collection is very impressive!

    The only thing that I currently hoard are running shoes: I keep almost all of my old worn out ones because they all have race/training memories attached. Although things did get a little out of hand when they filled the entire wardrobe space in a huge heap and I finally had to condede to getting rid of a few of them last week.

    I can’t think where on Earth you’d need to keep an eye on your eating as you seem to be the master of portion control to me, but if you feel there are areas for improvement then go for it. I know I notice every 1lb difference on me so I understand about feeling the need to monitor things.

    Glad you’re back to full running fitness πŸ™‚


    1. Thanks! Hoarding running shoes is a good one- I can see why you would do that.
      And it is just that with the eating- room for improvement- nothing drastic but I have noticed it a bit (I am only short so it shows I think).

  10. I’m another one in the “food doesn’t hang about to long in my house” category πŸ˜‰

    Thank you for the recipe, I will definitely be giving it a whirl, might even whip them up tomorrow with the boys as they have an inset day.


  11. Your tea cupboard makes me jealous! I am a hoarder of tickets. Bus tickets, cinema tickets, I keep them all for some reason. I’m sure I’d be more of a hoarder too if I had more space.

  12. Bathroom products are my guilty ‘hoarding’ sin.
    I tend to multibuy when things are on offer and i like them but then go off them before I’ve used them all up! Especially shampoos and conditioners! I have a problem with my hair falling out (I think when I am sstressed) so every time it starts I blame my shampoo and change!

    I really need to sort out my tins shelf….I’m sure there is loads of stuff on there that is out of date and never to be used but I daren’t delve that deep!


  13. Leigh- I always used to keep all my tickets. But when I moved house that was one of the things that I decided to get rid of!
    Rose- I too have rather a lot of those things, but they all get used in the end. And tins- I was not brave enough either- we tend to sort them out every couple of months.

  14. looks like your in need of some cliff bars πŸ˜‰ haha good for you for that 8.5 mile run WOW!!!! and I hoard old tank tops haha I just cant get rid of any of them

  15. What a stash! I hoard all sort of things too (but not food…it usually gets eaten hehe) One of my most out of control collections is train and tram tickets – my purse is chock full of them but i can’t seem to throw them away…

  16. Jemma- snap! I just need bigger cupboards haha!
    Sarah- that sort of thing I used to keep but now it goes in the bin/ recycling of course.
    Britt- I am bad for clothes too- I do take some to charity shops (or use as dusters) but I do keep a lot of stuff just in case too!

  17. That’s hilarous about the tea hoard – I love it!
    I’m just as bad, with nut butters, bars, dried fruit and different GF flours, and I like having them all in separate boxes like that πŸ™‚
    Do you not think the weight gain is the extra lean muscle from the marathon training? I think you’re right not to worry about the numbers of your weight and concentrate on health instead but just thinking that could be the cause… ? x

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