Who’s idea was a run before breakfast?

As it certainly was not my idea! (yeah, it was Andy’s!)

Last night body pump was great- and phew I managed the full press ups again (not sure if I could manage more than 4 though haha!)- next week I am going to try higher dumbells as the triceps track finishes with a short lot of kickbacks, and also as the shoulders track seems to switch between standing up stuff and kneeling down stuff, and only a small time with the bar at the end I think I may be able to go a little heavier.

Then it was time for a refuel:

I made some chia seed pudding, with a small mashed banana, cocoa powder, splash of milk, tbsp chia seeds and xanthan gum, left in the fridge while I was out. Then topped with strawberries and Lizi’s mango granola (with lovely pieces of dried mango in there yum). The pudding went really fluffy, sort of, a bit like angel delight! (Anyone else used to love that? Although we always had generic supermarket stuff so we called it milk pudding).

Anyway, as Andy was off to Silverstone today and leaving before 7am, he suggested I had a run in the morning (I was going to go after the waffle house today, as I would not get out over the weekend) so I didn’t wash my hair last night which left me no option!

Anyway, I left my kit out so from the alarm going off to heading out was 10 mins. I did my 5k loop in 31 mins, so I was pretty pleased with that. It was drizzling and windy when I left, but by the time I got home it was dry. I was starving though- I am always hungry the morning after body pump, and having been awake earlier I suppose made it worse!

Then (after my quickest shower) it was time for breakfast! This was porridge made with mashed banana, oats, milk and sprinkled with cinnamon. It was so good! I keep seeing people having mashed banana in their porridge, but have never tried it before. It is a keeper I can tell you!

I only just had time to dry my hair (this takes a good 15 mins which is why I normally wash it in the evening) before rushing off to work, but as the traffic is generally lighter on a Friday I was there 5 mins later than my usual arrival time, so not bad at all. As the day has gone on I have got more stiff (from body pump) and I quite liked having a run in the morning, so I might consider it a bit more, especially on a Friday when I can afford to leave a little later.

After work was the waffle house! Hooray! And unlike last time everyone made it this time so I had a lovely catch up over a pecan waffle. Mmm. I wish they did a peanut butter one though! What flavour would you love to see?

I also had the laziest dinner ever!

Yup, a veg pot! We did not know what time Andy would get home, and when we ordered out shopping I was still planning on a run after my waffle (yeah that would not have been a good idea I think!), so we decided on the second quickest dinner (if you are wondering, toast is the quickest). Delish anyway. What is your fave lazy dinner?

So off to Silverstone tomorrow 🙂 Have a fab Saturday everyone!

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8 thoughts on “Who’s idea was a run before breakfast?”

  1. Wow, have a great day!
    I love cycling first thing because it really wakes me up but have to have some breakfast first… can’t really have porridge first though, if I’m cycling straight away, because I feel really weighed down.
    And I love mashed banana in porridge – try mashing it on a plate and putting it in the microwave till it’s melty… delicious 🙂

  2. I’d sell my soul for a carob waffle. You know I’m serious.

    Lentil bolognese is my lazy dinner: making a huge cauldron full of it and then freezing it in portions makes life so easy when it comes to quick ‘Jessica’ meals. I would have said a green smoothie but then I’d be being too predictable, no?

    I love running in the morning before breakfast as otherwise my tummy hates me (races ain’t pretty! I wish we had 7am ones or earlier like in the US so I didn’t have to eat beforehand) but I’ve usually eaten loads in the evening the night before anyway so it’s not too bad 😛

    Enjoy Silverstone and hope the weather is good!


  3. I’m same as jess and almost always run before breakfast, it just seems to work better for me that way 🙂 I still haven’t tried one of those veg pots yet! I think my fave quick dinner is either a curry or stew out of my frozen stash, a baked sweet potato with hummus and salad or couscous mixed with some chickpeas, I made that last weekend and it took me 5 minutes to throw together and was delicious!

  4. Sounds like a great day, i love the sound of a waffle house! I think my ideal flavour would probably be some kind of banoffee thing 😀 mmm
    As for quick and easy dinners i love the Food Doctor grain pouches with quick baked beans (tin of kidney/butter beans and tin of chopped tomatoes with tomato paste, bbq sauce and whatever veggies you have on hand)…soo good, so satisfying and so quick! 🙂

  5. I love going for a run in the morning. When I first started I would be shattered for the rest of the day, but now my body has got used to the shock of being sent out at the crack of dawn I find it energising.

    My favourite lazy dinner is definitely omelette. If I’m really really lazy I’ll have a bowl of cereal, but I try to steer clear of that because it usually ends up in me overeating (cereal is my drug).

  6. Hey I just found your blog. Love it!

    I normally eat half a banana or a whole banana before I run. I find that my endurance is better and I don’t get all shaky if I have something in me. I also have to have my morning coffee before working out too.

    My favorite lazy dinner? Probably pizza 🙂

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