WIAW- body pumping

Hey all

It is that time of the week already! Thanks to Jenn for hosting the party as usual.

This week I chose Thursday, which meant I felt super organised!


Chopped apple, rude health muesli and some almond milk. I got the almond milk from Ocado, but I have seen it in other shops (Holland and Barrett I think). Also you can like them on facebook and they tell you where to buy it from too. 😉

Lunch and snacks;

Lunch was a lovely hummus and roasted pepper sandwich, chopped pear and chopped nectarine. Nakd bar mid morning, and a mini eat natural bar after work.


Wholewheat pasta with peppers, courgette and green pesto. This would be nice with cheese but at the moment I am not having much cheese.

Post body pump snack (boy I needed this- that class is hard and I went up with the squats and back weights).

A slice of apple crumble bar, and alpro vanilla dessert. Yum.

Health (?) update- I took the antibiotics all weekend, but did not really make much difference, so I was off work Monday and Tuesday. I went back to the doctors Tuesday, and was given “the better ones” this time (same ones that I had twice before this year) and they are already working! So back to work today, but no run after work as I am not 100% yet. I am hoping I will be well enough for body pump tomorrow. Fingers crossed.

Random question- those people that make their own almond milk- what do you use to strain it? I have been looking on Lakeland but can’t find anything that jumps out at me (cheese cloth? Muslin squares?). Cheers.

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26 thoughts on “WIAW- body pumping”

  1. Ohh yumm..love all of your eats girly! 🙂 I’m so glad you’re starting to feel better yay!
    I really want to start making my own almond milk too – I know that you use cheese cloths though…I just need to get round to doing it one day!

  2. Thanks guys- cheesecloths it is. Not sure when I will get around to it, but I am loving it so much I really think I should have a go at making it myself.

  3. Glad you are starting to feel better but has the doctor got an idea of why you get UTI so regularly?? Can they not do an MRI or something to get to the bottom of the problem??

    1. I was a bit worried about that before I went, but apparently no, they are not worried about it. I did a lot of googling and rather wished I hadn’t!

  4. I’m planning to make my own almond/nut milk soon too! I finally tried almond milk as a treat in my last ever discounted Waitrose shop (I used that as an excuse to buy way too much food!!) and I love it. It is so much more expensive though, and my carton only lasted 3 days! 🙁

    I bought some kind of cloth from a local kitchen-type shop. They had plain squares of muslin but she recommended this pre-shaped fabric that is used for jam making…sorry, not the most helpful comment, and I haven’t given it a go yet obviously. I’ll watch with interest to see how you get on when you make it 🙂

    That apple crumble bar looks yummy 🙂 I think I’ll make some kind of crumble/crumble bar soon – it’s pretty much the only fruit dessert Liam will eat!

    1. I think that is what the muslin squares from lakeland are for- a lot of people say they are too small for marmalade (?) but I think that is what I will try first of all.
      The bars were so easy to make, but next time I would double the filling as the baked fruit is my fave part.

  5. Love your eats today! Your lunch is so cute and yummy looking! It’s been so long since I last had a Berry Cheeky bar!

    Great to hear you are starting to feel better! 🙂

  6. Dinner looks so good! Pasta+Pesto is such a brilliant combo, I’m craving it now!

    I tried my first body-pump class last Thursday, and I was impressed (but very sore!). Hoping to go to another one this Sunday 🙂

    1. Yay another convert! I wish my gym (or anywhere near me) did another one, but they don’t, so I only go once a week. I think twice or more would really be better. And yeah it does make you sore, but then you know it is working those muscles!

  7. I bought the cheese cloths from lakeland to make mine. I line a mess sieve with the cheese cloth and pour it through that 🙂 Viva pure also sell nut milk bags which are excellent – they are only a fiver and will last much longer, you just wash them after each use. Have you started the new body pump yet? The triceps and abs tracks are killers!

    1. Oh fantastic I was looking at them on lakeland but all the comments were about marmalade! Last week we did the old one and our instructor had the training last friday so not sure about it.

  8. Mmm pasta & pesto & green veg = one delicious looking dinner! Infact all of your WIAW eats are looking good 🙂 Have you tried the sweetened version of almond milk at all? If so, I’m wondering how the unsweetened version compares as I’ve only tried the sweet one (has added agave I think). I’m tempted to treat myself to some from Holland and Barratt this weekend.

    1. I found the sweetened one a little bit too sweet- tasted like marzipan (which I like, but not for breakfast!)- the unsweetened one is still lovely. Go for it I say 🙂

  9. Oooh almond milk, I’m very tempted to buy a carton but I don’t want to start a very expensive habit. Is it really nice?
    Yay glad that you’re starting to feel better! Hopefully you don’t get another again.

  10. Glad you’ve begun to feel better! It is such a drag to be sick. I love your little bento box! So cute 🙂
    I want to make almond milk but it is nice to know that you can get it in the UK. I was a bit worried since I’ve fallen in love with it here in the states.

    1. Ah thanks the box is from paperchase- they do such cute things! That was in a christmas set with an angel, gingerbread man and something else. 🙂

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