Foggy running

Evening all

This was what greeted me this morning.

Right past the fence is a road, then a field, then some big buildings. It was so foggy I could not even see the other side of the road! This was around 9am too- normally the fields are misty but it clears quickly. It was also cold, and I could not decide what to wear for my run. In the end I went for a loose long sleeved top and running tights (first outing of the season!). Half way around the sun came out and it got hot, but only for about 5 mins, then it got cloudy and cold again. Think I played it just right.

The run was good- 8 miles was the plan and I managed it, although I set off too fast- 10.03 per mile for the first 5 miles. Whoops! Paid for it later- went down to 11.30’s for the next 2 (a lot of them are uphill, plus my mp3 ran out of battery so I had nothing to distract me from my breathing!)- the final mile went back to 10.03- think I was glad to be near home! Took me 1hr34, and some of that was stopping to cross roads etc, so I am pretty pleased with that. The plan is next weekend to try 10 miles, and to do some shorter faster (?) ones in between.

My post run snack (well, lunch sort of) was delicious! Sorry for the blurry photo- I had to take it with my left hand as I was pouring with my right!

I made a sort of chai latte! I heated up a carton of almond milk (it was sweetened but I normally have the unsweetened stuff) and then added some Christmas tea (which is from Whitards- black tea with orange and spices- soooo good). The latte was yummy. Plus a peanut toffee clif bar. Mmmm. The nest thing about running in this weather (well, as well as not getting too hot or dehydrated) is coming home to a nice warm drink.

I have also been practising my icing skills.

Yesterday I made some carrot cake cookies- I never usually use boxed mix but I found this in my cupboard(only 7 months past the best before date so must have had it for years!), and one of the suggestions was to add grated carrot. I used my food processor to grate the carrots- even though it took me ages to work out how to add the disk in to the mixer, it was so speedy! Much better than grating by hand, plus I do not have orange fingers!

Mix it all up- yum! I think they soak their raisins or something as they are super squidgy- yum.

And then today I made some cream cheese icing- I used cream cheese, a little honey (brought back from Romania by my parents), and icing sugar.

I have a lot of nozzles and I am not sure if I chose the right one?

Anyway I think the swirl looks nice- when I get some colours I might even attempt some mini carrots!

Also thanks to everyone who has sponsored me– I am nearly at the £200 mark now which is pretty brilliant! If you want to check out the giveaway post, click here. Exciting news is that I have another prize to add, from the lovely people at nuun.

2 more prizes to add! Each prize is a 4 pack of their rehydration tabs (which I use all the time) and a big bottle to mix them in. Cool. 🙂

So if you fancy winning these, or any of the other fab prizes that were donated, then please see my sponsorship post. The minimum amount is £2, and all those are adding up for a very good cause.


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15 thoughts on “Foggy running”

  1. Fantastic run in the mist there, I slept late and pooled out at about midday when it wash;t so cold.
    nuun … can you get it in the UK, I though tit was an American thing??

    1. lord just reread this comment and it sounds like I’m *pished* …. and I’m not honest, just bad on the keyboard 😉
      Loving the nuun site, I may have to give it a trial. How do you find it works for you? and do you take any other gels or such on long long runs?

      1. Hey- I get it from 🙂 I love wiggle! I either have it in a bottle while I run, or when I get back. It is not energy, only electrolytes, so I have clif shot bloks on longer runs, plus nakd raisins or nakd cocoa orange bar for super long runs 🙂

  2. It must have been the day for big runs – I did 7 miles this morning, my longest in a while, and managed it in about 1 hour 18 mins which I was stoked with, including about 1 mile in long grass and having to stop for cars. But I love how other runners smiled at me as we ran past each other, it was a nice boost 🙂

    Those cookies look very nice too! I also baked – Tom’s birthday cake!

    1. Thanks- I don’t normally ice cookies but I wanted to make them a bit more special (and more like carrot cake too).

  3. I really like the idea of carrot cake cookies – yum!
    I think this time of year is perfect for running in – no worries about getting too hot, but not too cold, so you don’t have to wear lots of annoying layers.

    1. yes that is true- I don’t like getting too hot- but I think as it has been unusually warm I am not used to what I need to wear!

  4. Mmmmm, more yummy looking baking from you! I really struggle with what to wear when it is like this as I get sooo hot when I run and I hate having things tied round my waist. We got a really nice long sleeved technical t-shirt from the race on Sunday so hopefully I’ll find that a good inbetweener!


    1. I don’t mind tying things round my waist but I don’t do that often. Long sleeved technical top sounds good 🙂

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