Attack of the giant cous cous

I am a bit late for a halloween post. Today I was watching Dancing with the Stars (love Carrie-Anne) and it was Halloween themed, so I had Ghostbusters and Addams Family in my head all day. Anyway I did get some giant cous cous last week and have been quite enjoying it.

I was fancying something warm for lunch this week, so I cooked up a big batch to have each day. I cooked some quinoa (80g I think) and giant cous cous (40g?) together in water, with a little vecon stock added (smells like marmite), plus some paprika because I like the colour. I stirred it a bit and let it absorb all the water.

Then I added some beetroot, roasted squash, chickpeas and sundried tomato puree. The cous cous is nice and chewy, and when I warmed it up at lunch time it was very filling.

I also had it in a stuffed pepper, alongside yet more roasted squash. Still enjoying the squash box! 🙂

My fridge is currently being attacked by yoghurt too! The lovely people at Rachel’s organic contacted me and asked if I would like to try out some of their recipes. They sounded fab, so I agreed- I thought they were sending me some plain yoghurt and some coconut yoghurt.

Like the pic? Andy was home and before he squeezed it all in the fridge he even took some photos for me! I normally take one and hope for the best, I think he took about 10! I was thinking I was going to have to get them all back out the fridge to take the photo!

So much yoghurt! I love Rachel’s yoghurt anyway- they have such amazing flavours (check out the seasonal ones- apple and cinnamon or apple and rhubarb). I look forward to making some of their fab recipes. I enjoyed some of the greek yoghurt with honey for breakfast this morning 🙂

Any other fans of Dancing with the Stars/ Strictly? I watch them both (I do fast forward through all the practise bits and chatter) but I love the US one so much more- it seems more showy and sparkly somehow. It also reminds me of Christmas time- coming home on a Saturday afternoon and it already being dark, but let’s not worry because we get to see lots of glitter on the TV. And Carson on the US one. 🙂

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12 thoughts on “Attack of the giant cous cous”

  1. I bought some giant cous cous from Waitrose a couple of weeks ago but haven’t tried it yet. I need to be more organised and pre-cook some for hot weekday lunches because it sounds delicious and warm food at lunchtime is becoming more and more appealing these days!

    You’re so lucky receiving all those yoghurt pots, i LOVE Rachel’s! The coconut one is amazing, possibly my favourite yoghurt ever! The seasonal flavours also sound amazing so I’ll definitely be trying some of them when I see them in the shops.

  2. Hope you enjoy that yoghurt! I got a load of them this time last year to review and they were all amazing, one thing a tend to miss being mostly vegan now! Nicky gave me some giant couscous when I met her last week as she was clearing her cupboards so I’m looking forward to trying some soon 🙂

  3. I love the wholewheat couscous! It’s so versatile. I like it also cold for lunch! It looks really good stuffed in the pepper! 🙂

    I love Rachels yogurts. The coconut gets demolished very quickly whenever I buy it! I like the company has nice tasting full fat yogurts which other brands lack sometimes! (The best ones are the watery low fat ones!)

  4. I totally agree on the coconut one, and also they did a ginger one which was amazing.
    Bronagh yes have a warm lunch it is so much nicer 🙂
    Laura I would miss that sort of thing too 🙂 But alpro and also sojade do some lovely soya yoghurts.
    Jessica you are right they full fat ones are so much nicer.

  5. I’ve only seen Strictly once but it did make me want to do proper dancing; shame there’s not a few more hours in the day!
    I never tried couscous before I was diagnosed coeliac and now I can’t but I imagine it’s delicious, especially like that in the pepper 🙂

  6. I didn’t realise cous cous had gluten in- shame. But you could just use all quinoa and it would be lovely too.

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