WIAW- feeling fruity

Hi all- thanks for all the emails about the prizes- glad everyone is excited (I am too) and I will be sorting them out soon.

Did you all celebrate WIAW 40th last week? I wonder if Jenn knew how big it would get!

I chose Friday as my day- my last day of half term.

Breakfast– Porridge made with hazelnut milk and raisins. A bit too sweet for me, but very hazel-nutty. Forgot to take a photo, but I am sure you can imagine.

Then I went on a run- just over 4 miles to stretch my legs and remind them of faster running before the weekend.

Post run snack;

Nuun and a peanut butter z bar (these are so yummy).


Small wholewheat wrap filled with mashed roasted squash and goats cheese.

Plus a fig and a pear.

Afternoon snack;

An orange (I hate peeling oranges so I scooped out the flesh with a sharp knife).

“Latte” with hazelnut milk + Christmas tea, plus an almond fudgy bar.


Bean bake and home-made bread.


A deliciousΒ caramel apple bar. The plate is so dirty as the bar went splat when I was getting it out of the tin! Not so pretty haha!

I didn’t eat that much fruit actually- I was thinking that I ate loads. Ah well. What is your favourite fruit? I find it hard to choose- in the summer I love watermelon and mango, but at the moment I am loving figs, pears and apples.

Today I had parents evening after work (and another one tomorrow- means I miss body pump boo) so I did not have my normal Wednesday run. Ah well, the rest might help with my weekend 10K?


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13 thoughts on “WIAW- feeling fruity”

  1. Haha, before I read your closing comments, I was about to say how impressed I was with how much fruit you eat – I need to take inspiration from you – fresh fruit never seems to be my first choice for a snack, even though I love it.

    I can’t really choose a favourite either – I love nectarines, cherries, pineapple…they’re the ones that spring to mind first anyway, but there are lots more!

    Hope you’re parents evening went well. One of my best friends also has hers this week. This is only her 2nd year teaching, and first term at a new school so she spent most of half term worrying about it I think.

  2. Ah your poor friend- I think teachers are always nervous before parents evening in case the parents ask difficult questions (or run over to make everyone late) but the parents are always nervous too in case we say bad things about the children! Once you get into them they are always fine, just really tiring as you dont stop talking for 3 hours!
    I take fruit to work so then I have no option, but I really do love fruit! πŸ™‚

  3. Your caramel apple bars look so yummy and autumnal! And home-made bread is so much better than anything you can buy :-).

    Favourite fruit? Erm I like blueberries, raspberries, melons anything really except for figs and dates!

    P.S. Love your tea pot, it’s so cute! πŸ™‚

  4. I adore fruit – there really aren’t many that I don’t like. I think kiwis are probably the only one, with frozen cherries probably being my favourite (I clearly do not have very refined tastes!) I do get through a lot of bananas, but I’m really picky about their ripeness (how people can digest green ‘nanas I do not know!) I do overdose on fruit sometimes, particularly grapes – they’re so moreish.

    Looks like a lovely day of food – I have to say that the nut milk sounds right up my street, given my penchant for sweet things. I probably would have added cocoa to my porridge to make it taste like Nutella πŸ˜‰


  5. Fruit is probably my favourite food group. My all time favourite fruit is probably cantaloupe, but I hardly ever have it … I must sort that out! I also love apples, pears, oranges, bananas etc etc.
    The apple bake looks delicious!

  6. Oh yes peaches! Yum!
    Sarah- I agree I think it is my fave food group too.
    Jessica- adding cocoa to the hazelnut milk would be like nutella as it was really sweet- I love sweet things at other times but in the mornings I feel a bit sick if I have anything too sweet.
    Jessica- the bars are so good πŸ™‚

  7. Hope the parents’ evenings were ok πŸ™‚
    I was addicted to blueberries, strawberries and raspberries all summer but it’s all about Cox apples at this time of year, I love them!
    That squash and goats’ cheese wrap looks brilliant!

  8. Good luck for your 10km this weekend! Where is it?
    Your meals always look so healthy and nutritious- I didn’t even do a WIAW this week as I wasn’t proud of my eating at all… I need to get back on track!

  9. Marijke- we are off to Nottingham for a robin hood 10K- sounds like fun but I think we are going to get muddy!
    Jemma- glad I am not the only one who doesnt like peeling oranges!
    Eleanor- try the wrap thing- it was so simple but soooo yummy.
    Laura- fruit in season is just the best!

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