I-heart I-herb and other shopping

I placed an order from i-herb a while back, for some Luna bars and a few other bits. The delivery was fab and I love browsing the products- I can see me ordering regularly! I was super excited when my next order arrived the other week:

I ordered myself some peanut flour, pumpkin spice tea (how amazing does it sound- rooibos tea with spices and vanilla pods, plus it comes in a pretty tin), some free bits of cococardio (saw this on Laura’s blog) and also some free pea protein which they added in- looks a bit scary in the green packet! What I love is that you can search on the website by weight (as well as price etc)- I had a little bit of weight left so I also got some ginger peach tea- the pack is only 20 teabags so did not weigh much. Plus I got a free pen- I love pens! Result.

The pumpkin spice tea is so yummy. A bit like Teapigs rooibos creme caramel tea, or Waitrose rooibos and vanilla, but a little more spiced and a little less sweet. It has been keeping me warm this week as it is naturally caffeine free too.

The ginger peach tea is also amazing- I treated myself to a cup before we went to see Hard Fi (who were brilliant- but it was the night before I went to hospital so it seems a distant memory!)- I loved the ginger peach tea I had at Sweet Tomatoes in the summer and it was similar. But it is black tea which again I am off because of the caffeine not agreeing with me right now. Anyway I have a coupon for $5 off your first order  (code QOC914) if you fancy it.

It looks very dark in that photo but I don’t brew it for very long!

Before Hard Fi I popped to Dunelm Mill and picked up a few nice festive bits too:

The gingerbread boxes are ones you have to build, but they are going to be the hampers for our parents. They also did cake trays with boxes (perfect for giving away Christmas cakes in), and I got myself a nice non-stick rolling pin for icing. And that big Kilner jar was only £1.99. Looking good for almond milk. It is hard to see the size but it is a one litre one so pretty big- seemed much cheaper than I had seen them before so get yourself to Dunelm 🙂

I also treated myself to some Starbucks mugs when they were half price. Pretty!

I think they are festive, but not so Christmassy that I could not use them the rest of the year 🙂

Oh, and also, I got myself a starbucks card here. They are meant for gifts I suppose, and you have to pay postage, but it seemed easier than trying to find them in store. Plus you get some exciting benefits- free soya milk, free shots (? I think that means flavours?), free syrup, free tall drink if you buy a bag of coffee beans, free tall drink if you buy a 12 pack of the VIA coffee (I got some for Andy as an early Christmas present and he is a bit addicted!). It will make up the postage in no time.

Thanks again for all the wishes- today I went to see my GP and had more luck (and more fuss as the hospital said they would fax the scan results through but didn’t so the poor doctor could not tell me much and ended up phoning me later once she had got hold of it)- the short version is that I need an emergency outpatient appointment as the cyst is quite big. She said I should not fly because also it could burst- scary stuff and no-one told me that before. So this Friday we were due to fly to NYC ( to see some shows and the fab Rockefeller tree), then train it to Phili and Washington before flying down to Orlando (Disney Christmas) and then some time on the gulf coast. But we have started cancelling it. Perhaps we should not try to go away at Christmas any more? On the plus side with all this time I will be able to make a gingerbread house! 🙂

So be warned- there will be no running for a while (even walking seems to make the pain worse at the moment) so that means an increase in general ramblings and probably baking too! 🙂 Watch out!

PS Accredited online colleges have nutrition classes if you have a passion for living healthfully.

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14 thoughts on “I-heart I-herb and other shopping”

  1. Oh Maria, I can’t believe your luck, good for you looking on the bright side with your gingerbread house! Your iHerb order looks great, I need to place another one, I’ve just had a mug of cococardio and I’m starting to run out! I need to get myself a Starbucks card too 🙂

  2. hey, running cupcake! i just won some peanut flour from a blog contest! over the next month, i will be scavenging the blogs of you, jessica, and laura, in hopes of finding the best way to use the foreign flour! (foreign to me). so, please get ready for some mega block stalking! 🙂 and the rockefeller tree will be there next year . . . i’ll be living in new york, so gwendolyn and i will be so happy to stop by and say hello to meet the famous running cupcake. well, i hope that you enjoy the ginerbread house project, and i wish you a happy christmas! x

  3. Lexi- go for the order- they have so many teas!!! 🙂
    Laura- thanks- but at least we have had a week where cancelling it was a possibility- it is the sensible option after all.
    Nicole- I have only ever had PB2 before which I think is sweetened- I think Jessica makes the best looking peanut flour sauce 🙂 Yeah I am sure we will try to book it for next year instead- who knows we could meet up!

  4. Oh no, I can’t believe it! I always want to kick something when sucky things happen to lovely people such as yourself. It’s just not fair 🙁

    On the other hand, I am very relieved that they’re going to remove the cyst ASAP – mine grew pretty quickly and there were so many nasty complications from it…an orange sized one should at least be removable by keyhole, I hope – getting one the size of a watermelon out of me took eight hours (!) But yes, even I couldn’t exercise through mine – I wasn’t running then, but jiggling it around at the gym could have burst it, or twisted it and entangled the damn thing around my vital organs. And the recovery took a while, while everything settled down and the stitches did their work, etc. So please never feel bad for not running or blogging about running! Those cysts are not to be messed with, so I’m glad you’re getting appropriate treatment (which should sort it out, I’m not trying to be all doom and gloom!)

    Keep relaxing and taking care of yourself!



  5. I’m so sorry about your holiday – you really have no luck on that front! I hope you can book something else for next year to make up for it.
    I keep looking at the i-Herb website, but have never ordered anything. I think perhaps I should as a Christmas present to myself. I would love to try Luna bars.

  6. So sorry to hear about your holiday!! I would be devastated if I had to cancel mine 🙁 you poor thing. **hugs**

    With the Starbucks card “free shots” means an extra shot of espresso in your coffee. If you want to be hard core 🙂

  7. Hey Maria! Sorry to hear about your bout of bad luck. Hope it’ll go soon!

    I was wondering about the shipping from iHerb. Do you find it to be expensive? Would you mind telling me how much you paid for your shipping for your order as I’d love to order from there!

  8. Thanks guys- Jessica- 8 hours! Ah! But yes it seems they are hoping for keyhole which won’t be so bad.
    Phil- aha you explain it all about the card- I am not that hardcore (well I dont like coffee) but I suppose Andy might once?
    Leanne- the shipping is only $4 for the first pound (and you can see how much your shipment weighs)- which is why I ordered some other teabags to make sure mine was as heavy as it could be before going over the weight allowance!

  9. Oh my Gosh, so sorry to hear about your cancelled trip! That sucks!
    But at least they will remove your cyst asap and you can start to recover in your holidays. NYC will still be there next year 🙂 x

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