Mincemeat madness!

Hooray! First up, I managed to track down some lovely Meridian mince pie filling- in the end I went to the health food shop in Welwyn and got the last jar!

So today started with mince pie porridge! Hooray! I made it super liquidy with almond milk (I much prefer it runny- when it gets all thick I find it hard to swallow and I think that is why I didn’t like it in hospital- you could have stood up a spoon in it!) and then added a spoonful of the filling after it was cooked. So good 🙂

As an aside I am feeling much better at the moment- not much paracetamol needed at all, and I can strand up straight and walk normally- phew. (Have no idea why, as nothing has physically changed, but I won’t complain).

Then I realised we had guests this afternoon (Andy’s parents and Grandad) so after thinking about it for ages, I decided to make some sort of mincemeat slices.  I based the recipe loosely on CCK’s crumble bars.

For the base mix 1.5 cups flour (I used wholegrain spelt), 1/2 cup brown sugar, 1/2 tsp baking powder, 1 tsp cinnamon,1 tsp mixed spice, 1/4 cup melted coconut butter and 2 tbs milk (I used almond milk so these are vegan so long as the mincemeat is vegan).

For the filling mix a jar of mincemeat, 2 small peeled and chopped pears (you could use apples) and a sprinkle of dried cranberries.

Spread the base into a lined pan (I used my brownie pan which is about the size of a 6 hole big muffin pan) and press it down. Bake 180C for 10 mins.

Then spread over the filling.

And top with some marzipan stars (roll it out and cut them out with cookie cutters).

Return to the oven and bake for about 35 mins.

Then dust with icing sugar (or sugar mixed with cinnamon on something).

I used normal mincemeat (which turned out to taste very alcoholic when we had a little piece this afternoon!) but if you used the meridian stuff then that would lower the sugar content etc.

Anyway, I am not a fan of mince pies as I don’t really like pastry, so this is ideal as the base in this is lighter than pastry, plus you get more filling to base ratio. And of course anything with marzipan wins in my opinion!

I also had the most amazing hummus at lunch! Yum!

Yesterday I went to Waitrose (because it has free parking and I wanted to visit the health food shop to look for the mince pie filling, but also because Andy wanted one of their pizzas) and I noticed caramelised onion hummus reduced. I had some today with a lot of cucumber, the rest of the roasted tomato hummus and some little ryvita chilli crackers for dipping, and the hummus is amazing. It goes off tomorrow so I might actually have to eat the rest in one day. Pity. It was a delicious lunch anyway, finished off with some red grapes and clementines. Yum.

The other day (they all merge into one, not sure which day!) I started on my gingerbread house. I only wanted to make a small one, so had loads of dough left over which I made into cookies- gingerbread men and hearts. I also made some pebbles for the roof, but in the end I didn’t think they suited it (I will save that post for another day). Anyway, to make them special (and for gifts) I dipped them in chocolate.

I scooped them back out with a fork, and left them to cool/ harden on baking paper.

Then once they are dry/ hard, gently peel them off and bag them up for gifts.

Dark chocolate and gingerbread just go together so well. 🙂

To bring it back to the mincemeat, I was thinking that a dollop would go rather well on top of pancakes? That may be my boxing day brunch 🙂

Mincemeat- yes or no? And if yes, how do you eat yours? (I know I know it’s not Easter time but I just have it in my head now).

Have a lovely Christmas eve! 🙂

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13 thoughts on “Mincemeat madness!”

  1. ‘mincemeat’ is an uncommon term in the US, at least that’s my opinion! i’ve never sought the food because of the word “meat.” i don’t eat “meat.” but i just googled the formal definition, learning this, per wikipedia: “Mincemeat is a mixture of chopped dried fruit, distilled spirits and spices, and sometimes beef suet, beef, or venison.” SO, yes! i’d be a fantastic fan of mincmeat! LOVE chopped dried fruit! LOVE distilled spirits! LOVE spices! i might make my own exbulimic mincemeat pie design! i will tell you when i do! 🙂 x

  2. It will be nice if you can not feel pain over Christmas, here’s hoping it sees you through the new year. Have you got an appointment book for surgery?

  3. Love that Meridian mincemeat, I’ve been having it in my porridge for a few weeks. I also tried some with Greek yoghurt which was lovely & I think it would be amazing on pancakes, especially some Christmas spiced ones with cinnamon or gingerbread? Yum! That waitrose hummus sounds delicious, definitely going to try that asap 🙂

    I do like that health food shop in Welwyn, they have such a good variety of stock. I always have to really restrain myself any time I go there!

  4. I love the Creme Egg reference! I eat my Minemeat atop porridge, on rice cakes, or straight up on a spoon (or finger. Ahem). So it’s a definite ‘yay’ for me. I’d never had it before this year…I’d love to try a vegan mince pie at some point. I don’t think I’d like traditional mincemeat if it’s really booze-based, plus all of the ones besides Meridian seem to have a lot of preservatives etc. in them.

    Happy to hear you’re feeling better – it could be the cyst shifting around, or simply the fact that you’ve been resting it, so if something tweaked in terms of it twisting, any inflammation from that could be settling down.

    Have a lovely xmas.

    I would offer *hugs* but my fingers are all sticky with mince-pie filling…


  5. I’m a fan of oats that aren’t ‘solid’, but not very liquidy either – when you take a spoonful out, the rest of the oats should slowly seep back into place, for me!!

    I fear I’m very boring with my mincemeat – either straight off the spoon, or in a mince pie!

    Happy Christmas!

  6. Ah, mincemeat…I remember it from the time I lived there…I like it! But apparently not enough to go and buy it at the English Shop here in Gothenburg.
    Happy holidays!

  7. Nicole- pretty much all mincemeat now has vegetarian suet which is made from vegetable oils and things- it is rare for them to use animal suet now as I think it is more expensive for one. Although the meridian one has no suet and is the best I think.
    Jessica- love the sticky fingers! 🙂
    Bronagh- I know I have to limit myself as I get so tempted by so many things in there!

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