Secret Santa

Hello everyone.

This is what was waiting for me when I got home last night! How exciting!

Rewind- First, thanks for the comments (a few of you noticed that I did not post/comment this week)- on Tuesday I ended up in hospital. Skip the next bit if you get queasy. I thought it was another UTI as it was the same pains, but after being taken in an ambulance to another hospital, having loads of exams, waiting for scans (got the final scan on Friday) it turns out I have a big cyst  (about the size of an orange) which will need to be removed. I actually signed myself out last night as I was getting rather stir crazy waiting around to see the doctor, as they said it would not be an emergency op but a routine one in the new year sometime. I am hoping that I can go on a plane as we are meant to be going on holiday on Friday night. No use worrying about that now. Anyway, I won’t go on about it- I will know more when I ring the hospital tomorrow. Seems like the UTI’s this year were perhaps this cyst instead.

Onto exciting things- I unwrapped the pretty presents and the lovely card, to find out they were from the lovely Jemma:

How nice does Gingerbread spice tea sound???? It was very exciting upwrapping all the presents- some chocolate munchy seeds (looking forward to trying these), some mini luna bars (I love mini things), some packets of Justin’s nut butter (we can’t get this in the UK which makes it even more exciting!), a yummy looking Clif Mojo bar (Jemma must have known my clif bar obsession!) and a delicious looking Kashi granola bar (which again I have not seen in the UK and am really looking forward to trying).

Thanks Jemma– these pressies were perfect- tea and snack bars must make up half my diet haha! 🙂 And you know how much I love gingerbread men too! Just need to find space in my tea cupboard!!

Anyway these gifts were perfect- thanks so much to Laura for organising the secret santa swap- it has been fun. I noticed that Jess posted about the bits I sent her- it was fun putting that package together too. I will be spending some time over the next few days catching up and seeing what other lovely gifts everyone sent/ received.

Bye for now.

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14 thoughts on “Secret Santa”

  1. Goodness hun, I thought you were all busy with christmas stuff not laid up in hospital!!! I hope the results let you go on holiday.
    Extra hugs xxx

  2. Oh No! I’m so sorry – I thought the same as Lara, that you were busy with all of the xmas festivities and having too much fun to blog 🙁 I really should have checked to see how you were – I am a terrible friend (well, I consider you a friend!) I just always feel like I’m bugging people when I contact them outside of blogs unless they explicitly ask me to do so.

    I am so glad you at least had your Secret Santa goodies to cheer you up when you got home. I’ve really missed your posts, and I was so happy with my Secret Santa from you 🙂

    *huge huggles*


  3. I thought it was very odd that you hadn’t posted and hadn’t said that you wouldn’t be around. Really sorry to hear that you’ve been having such a rubbishy time. It’s horrid to be stuck in hospital at any time of year but definitely worse now when there is so much fun stuff going on at school etc. Really hope that the hospital will give you the thumbs up for your holiday

  4. i am so sorry to hear of your physical pain. i hope that you will be okay until your surgery. good thoughts are being sent your way from the united states, running cupcake! x

  5. Oh my goodness, you poor thing! What a horrible week you must have had! 🙁 I hope you’re not in too much pain now, and still get to go on your holiday – you definitely deserve the break! 🙂

    Your Secret Santa goodies look fab – that gingerbread spice tea sounds awesome & I love Justin’s nut butters! 🙂

    Sending lots of hugs & get well wishes xx

  6. Oh no 🙁
    So sorry to hear that; I hope it isn’t painful? At least the fact it’s non-routine must mean it’s not too bad and at least it’ll hopefully stop the UTIs… but not nice, hope you feel better soon and glad you had the lovely parcel to cheer you up xx

  7. I’m sorry to hear that you haven’t been well! Hopefully it’s not too serious and the op will sort you out and get you back to being 100% before too long. Hopefully you won’t get the UTI symptoms anymore either.
    I like the idea of that gingerbread spice tea – I might have to track that one down.
    Sending you healing thoughts xxx

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