Leftover cookies

I am sure a lot of you will be in the same boat- lots of left over chocolates and things from the festive period. I decided to use some of the leftovers by making some cookies.

I had lots of chocolate (especially milk chocolate which I am not such a big fan of) and peppermint candy canes, so I decided to attempt mint chocolate cookies.

As I had had success using the Millie’s style recipe that I saw on Lucy’s blog, I decided to adapt that. They really are super easy and pretty quick.

First up I chopped up some milk chocolate (I even used some truffles in there), and bashed up the candy canes in a pestle and mortar. That was fun, although bits of peppermint flew everywhere so I needed to crush up more (and vacuum up a lot too!).

Then I followed the recipe, only I added a tsp peppermint extract instead of the vanilla, and mixed in chopped chocolate and candy canes. I find that I need to cook them for about 11 minutes, but that might be my oven. The recipe says 7 mins for really soft ones, and 10 mins for more traditional cookies. These ones are still chewy and delicious.

They are so pretty with the little flecks of pink candy cane in there.

Andy said that the crunch from the candy canes was really good too. 🙂

Now I just have to find a use for all the other candy canes….

What are your favourite ways to use up leftovers? I am talking savoury or sweet. I love making up a hotch potch warm quinoa salad with anything I have, or some lovely bread is great to use up any cheese and pickle, and of course most sweeter things are fab for topping porridge (not sure if I could handle peppermint porridge though!), or brownies.

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12 thoughts on “Leftover cookies”

  1. Mmm – they look really good. I haven’t got that much chocolate left over, just some delicious chocolates that I’m working my way through 🙂
    I like putting leftovers with a salad for lunch, sometimes they taste better on the second day.

  2. Those do look so pretty! Honestly I am never very good at using up the sweets we have in our house. We have almost every days worth of chocolate from an advent calendar that is just sitting here. I should try to turn it into some cookies!

  3. Candy canes keep don’t they? if you don’t want eat them there are some great craft projects on Pinterest – Chandelier, Vase, Wreath & i’m sure i saw somewhere about using 2 to create a heart shape – Valentines is only a month away!

    I love finding different ideas to make with items 🙂

  4. Those cookies look divine! I’m now having a major cookie craving!

    I like using up lots of sweet ingredients by forcing them all into my banana cake recipe (hence my banana, walnut, raisin, chocolate cupcakes the other day)!

  5. Yummy! 🙂 My favourite leftover is quinoa, cause it’s delicious reheated with some coconut oil, seeds and tahini mmmmm 🙂

  6. I can almost taste how good the crunch of the candy canes is in the chewy cookies, they look brilliant, especially with truffles in there too… 🙂
    I don’t have many leftovers, especially chocolate, but I made some porridge with extra raspberry jam/coconut oil icing on top and it was so good. Congratulations to Sarah, on your most recent post too!

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