Perfect pancakes and not so perfect veggie loaf

I think I have found my favourite pancake recipe!

Enjoyed the other day with a chopped and microwaved apple, and some lovely meridian mincemeat.

It goes like this: 35g wholegrain spelt flour, 50g fruit puree (or apple sauce or pumpkin puree- I like the little pots meant for babies because they are small), 1 tsp baking powder and about 50ml soya milk. Add in cinnamon/ orange essence/ other flavours if you fancy them.

Whisk it all up and cook slowly. Very slowly.

Today (made with pumpkin puree which I think does not work quite as well as the apple sauce) topped with dark chocolate dreams and the most massive pink lady apple (chopped and microwaved and cinnamon-ed).


I also attempted to make a nut/veggie loaf over the holidays. It is tasty, but did not turn out quite firm enough. I found this recipe, but then I did not have any eggs, and did not like the sound of the cheese in it (I do not like it when cheese gets overcooked and goes all crispy and this has to bake for a long time), so I did not follow it to the letter. In fact, very loosely! Might be why it didn’t quite work.

Mine had a chopped red onion (instead of shallots) and a chopped carrot cooked in a pan, and some drained cooked lentils (I used dried lentils as they were so much cheaper and don’t need pre-soaking so seemed quite easy) which I cooked in water with a little marmite added.

They went in a bowl with 250g mixed toasted and then chopped nuts, a tin of tomatoes, some herbs and some dried cranberries (got to get something festive in there). I added some flax and chia seeds soaked in water (I thought that might replace the binding of the egg).

It all went into a lined loaf tin and then cooked for about an hour and 15 mins.

It was really tasty, but it did not slice very well. I think if I had cooked it for even longer it would have firmed up more, as the ends were firmed more than the middle. Or maybe use tomato puree instead of the chopped tinned tomatoes next time. But I was hungry! Alongside some hummus, cucumber for dipping and rocket it wasย deliciousย and really filling. I sliced (well tried to) up the rest and have put them into the freezer (individually wrapped) to enjoy another time. Or maybe what I would do it bake it on a roasting tin- like a brownie almost- spread it out a bit flat as then it might go more solid and cook more evenly.

Also, I was sent a couple of books to review, so please check out my review page and see what you think of them.

Any recipe successes recently? Or misses? What do you love to have on your pancakes?

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13 thoughts on “Perfect pancakes and not so perfect veggie loaf”

  1. The important thing is the taste! I haven’t been that adventurous in my cooking the past year or so. I have a few tried and true recipes that I have on rotation on our weekly food schedule. It does get a bit boring though.

  2. I made a veggie loaf last night!!! Freaky! Mine was an Oh She Glows recipe and it’s chock-full of healthy veggies! I’m so excited to try it tonight ๐Ÿ™‚
    My latest recipe success was some delicious banana, walnut, raisin and chocolate cupcakes which I also mase last night! Yummy!

  3. wow! the nut/veggie loaf looks absolutely positively scrumptious! pardon my ignorance, but it seems that there is no attendance of bread product? it’s made purely from nuts and veggies? (and the egg of course can be substituted for with a vegan equivalent in my case). but i want to make this bad boy right now if i’m interpreting this recipe correctly. the falling apart thing wouldn’t matter to me whatsoever . . . and i would most likely dip it into ketchup. #ketchupaddict. x

  4. Yes Nicole- no bread- just in a loaf tin and meant to be loaf shaped (before I cut it and it crumbled everywhere it was loaf shaped!).
    Marijke- snap! And spooky! Those cupcakes also sound rather yummy.
    Laura- indeed at least it tasted good which is the main thing!
    Shaman- I agree I can easily get stuck eating the same old so I have been trying to make myself try new things.

  5. I keep seing veggie loaf popping up everywhere and now i really fancy some ๐Ÿ˜€ yours almost looks like a pilaff, i bet it was really tasty!
    The pancakes look good too. I’m not a big fan if pancakes but very occasionally i’ll have them with bacon & maple syrup if we go out for breakfast.

  6. Mmm, these both sound really good. I love experimenting too… thankfully my family doesn’t mind. ๐Ÿ™‚ I haven’t made a veggie loaf in a long time, thanks for the inspiration!

  7. Whenever I’ve made a veggie loaf it’s collapsed like that but it still tastes delicious… what colour lentils did you use because I found when I used red/orange ones, they bound together a bit better… love the pancakes too, might have to make some tomorrow!

  8. I used green lentils (or brown ones)- not orange ones so maybe I will try those next time. As you say they still taste good ๐Ÿ™‚

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