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Hey all.

I just realised that this is my first post of 2012- Olympic year woohoo!

Hope you all had a good new year’s eve- I was asleep by 11 I think (but don’t worry, even if you are not awake you still end up in the next year)- I read some Runners’ World (which is a bit annoying as I won’t be running anywhere in the near future!) and watched the fireworks the next day. Happy new year anyway!

For Christmas I was given some goodies from Lush. Now normally I never go in their shops because I find the smell so overpowering (if they are in a shopping centre or something you can smell it from shops away!), but the goodies I was given were lovely and actually did not smell too strong. I was also given a voucher so Andy took me to the shops the other day and we ventured inside one.

The shop assistants were fab- I was given some shower jelly stuff (like a tub of jelly) and they showed me what to do with it, and demonstrated some lovely skin conditioner on me (which I was sold on as I get dry skin really easily). I also wanted to look into the solid shampoos as one of my friends always raves about them- lots of pro’s as they are economical (one is the equivalent of 3 bottles of shampoo), last for ages, no preservatives, help the environment by reducing packaging, and would be good to take on holiday. There were lots of options but I chose this one– it smelled amazing plus apparently is good for shine with dark hair (and also good for receding hair but I did tell the guy I was not worried about that!). Anyway, I was looking forward to trying it out.

You wet your hair, rub the bar around your scalp a few times, then lather up. I did wonder whether it would be as easy to get to the underneath of my hair, as it is very thick (I can normally put a little shampoo on my fingertips and get it in that way) but the shampoo lathered up really well. Plus it did smell amazing- the cloves lingered especially.  They said to leave the bar to dry between washes, so I have left the tin open (I bought the tin separately but that can be re-used). I am very impressed though- I will be interested to see how long it actually lasts. A day later my hair still looks clean- sometimes products that “enhance shine” actually make it a little greasy- but this is passing in my book. I then spent ages on their website (hence all the links!) and noticed they do a solid conditioner too. Something I might try in the future.  Anyone else used these types of products at all?

I went to the GP this morning and have been signed off for another 2 weeks. Although I think that is the best for my health (I feel OK, then the paracetamol wears off and I feel really bad- still can’t walk very far or move normally, plus the worry of children bumping into me and things) it might not be the best thing for my sanity! Anyway, after I went to the GP I popped to Waitrose for some salad (feeling very guilty as I feel I should be at home- I have never been signed off before this and am not really sure what is allowed- I know that popping to the shops is not the same as a full day at work but I do feel guilty- even though I need to sit down for about half an hour to recover when I get home!) and found a few bargains.

This cute owl box (which I saw before but was £10- today it was £5 although it contained sweets (which I will take to work as they look like marshmallows) when I was hoping it would contain an owl mug)- I have already used it to put my cake decorating bits in. And some Montezuma’s truffles (peppermint white chocolate, and orange and geranium ones) for £1.25 each! Bargain! So get yourselves down to Waitrose for some post Christmas bargains. The lady in front of me was loading up on the bags of chocolate coins/ santa’s as they were something like 25p!

What do you feel you are “allowed” to do when off work? What do you do to pass the time? Have you ever used solid shampoo’s or other products similar? 

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12 thoughts on “Lush convert”

  1. I love Lush and I always find the assistants really helpful. They’re also very effective, because I always walk out with something!
    I don’t think it’s expected that you are house-bound while you’re signed off work and popping to the shops is completely different to a full day at work, especially teaching! I’m sorry that you’re still feeling poorly. I hope that 2012 will bring a speedy recovery.

  2. hoot hoot. 🙂 is that what owls say? sounds like it could be right.

    i love owls, especially the cute animated version featured in disney’s old sleeping beauty.

    regarding time, off, i’m a bit neurotic. in recent years, i’ve allowed myself to fully practice ayn rand’s philosophy of objectivism. everything that i do is geared toward professional development. so regardless if i’m getting paid, i am working toward a professional goal. so i’m never off and therefore cannot answer your question because the answer is “null.” (i’m so weird, i know).

    and i always wondered how those head bars worked. i would have picked the peppermint, too! drinking peppermint tea at this moment, living vicariously through the tea, pretending that i’m english. #lame. happy tuesday to you, maria! x

  3. I love lush products, especially their solid shampoos, but I have the same problem as you – getting into the store without developing a headache is a challenge!

    Those waitrose bargains sound amazing!

  4. My husband uses that same shampoo bar. He loves them. I adore Lush. I’m not as obsessed as I used to be…..just pop in for a bubble bar or bath bomb . I used to spend a fortune on skincare and all sorts in there.

    I hope you feel better soon.

  5. I’d never heard about solid shampoo or conditioner but they sound good; might have to try them – I might also have to get myself to Waitrose for some of those truffles!
    So sorry to hear you’re still feeling so rough 🙁 and definitely, anything you feel up to doing you’re allowed to, you’re not bunking off by any means.
    I really hope it starts feeling better soon. x

  6. Sarah- you are right they are brilliant- I was helped by 3 different people in the shop! But they did help (as well as sell- effective too!).
    Nicole- of course anyone who drinks tea must be half English 🙂
    Ali- I even said to the assistant that the smell puts me off, and she said loads of people say that to them!
    Emma- thanks 🙂
    Eleanor- yes there were lots of bargains in Waitrose! You are right of course about getting out too of course 🙂

  7. I love the solid shampoos, so convenient and they take up so much less room in your bags on holidays/to the gym etc. I don’t think anyone would begrudge you for nipping to the shops when you’re off work sick, I think it’s more like when people go for rounds of golf that they get in trouble so I wouldn’t worry.

  8. Leigh- someone Andy’s brother worked with phoned in sick and then was shown on TV on match of the day! I won’t be doing anything like that!
    Laura I think you are right I think the bath bombs smell really strong but the rest is just nicely scented. 🙂
    Jemma- I can see me revisiting Lush soon!

  9. I went into a Lush shop with my aunty while I was in uni as she wanted to stock up on stuff, and I was so impressed at how helpful everyone was, but as I was a poor poor student at the time, I couldn’t by anything. I think the nearest one to me is Chester, so I’ve not had a chance to go back, but I was reminded when in Cardiff at the weekend that I want to go and actually buy stuff from there, but we ran out of time!

  10. I’ve been such a bad blog reader 🙁 I didn’t know you were still poorly and off work. You poor thing! Do you have a date for being sorted yet?
    If I’m off work then I will go to the doctor (obviously), the chemist and might just pop into the supermarket like you did but it goes so against the grain and I spend the whole time feeling guilty and logging on to check my emails!

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