Belated pancakes!


I normally make the little scotch style pancakes, but this year Andy requested the proper crepe style ones. Because normally I would be at aerobics on Tuesday I get out of it, but this year, no excuses!

I used the basic recipe from the WLR home-page, and it turned out pretty well. The batter was 112g plain flour (random- I think originally in ounces), 2 eggs, 210ml milk and 90ml water. I whisked it all up and let the batter rest for a bit. Then I got to cooking. I flipped with a spatula though!

Anyway, I was very excited because they looked like real pancakes!

They are best rolled up I think- I had a banana sliced, 2 with coconut + chocolate spread, and one with some caramel sauce.

Yes, they looked a total mess but they were amazing.

I had the pancakes for dinner.  I had been to my parents for the day- my Mum had made the most enormous portions of carrot soup, sundried tomato bread and some apple pastry things, so I had a pre-pancake meal of plums, persimmon and grapes (and rooibos tea). Not the most balanced of meals, but hey, pancake day is only once a year.

The only trouble is that now Andy thinks I can make him pancakes for breakfast at the weekend. Ah well. I still prefer the little fluffy ones- they are easier to make for one too, plus unless I visit my Mum I don’t have eggs in- although I could try it with egg replacer I suppose.

What is your all time favourite pancake/ crepe filling? Mine was always nutella with banana, although anything chocolate + banana based is great in my book (eg the chocolate coconut spread was good, and I bet dark choc dreams would be good too). Although when I was little we had them savoury with cream cheese and cucumber, then for dessert sweet with orange juice (or lemon, but I preferred orange) and sugar.

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12 thoughts on “Belated pancakes!”

  1. Mmmm those pancakes look delish! I had mine last night after missing out on Tuesday. My fave filling is some kind of berries + golden syrup!
    I would normally spread some nutella on one or two but I gave up chocolate for Lent didn’t I… bad times! 😉

  2. I’ve never tried carob. To be honest it seems pretty expensive and I’m not sure I can be bothered to go and get some. It’s only 40 days, right? Haha!

  3. Would you believe I have never made crepes?! They’re not something I grew up with but, yum!! I’m definitely making them this weekend. Thanks for the inspiration!

  4. Egg replacer does work in pancakes – I used it in some chocolate ones on pancake day 🙂 Protein powder works wonders too.

    Crepes…hmm, I always liked just plain old sugar and lemon. I wasn’t allowed chocolate spread/Nutella though (and with good reason – I’d have housed the whole jar even as a kid!) so perhaps that’s why I err towards the parsimonious with my pancake toppings.

    DCD would be amazing though.


  5. We used to have crepes for dinner on Pancake Day every year when I was little – and it was always sugar and lemon juice… I could eat hundreds and I don’t know how my mum kept up with four of us shovelling them in! Yours look perfect, exactly how they should be 🙂

  6. I’ve only ever made crepes, I’ve never tried to make scotch pancakes. I’m glad to hear that they’re easier to make. Lemon and sugar is the classic filling, but personally I think that nutella and crepes are made for each other!

  7. YEah- my Mum used to stand in the kitchen and cook- so we sort of ate on a rota!
    The crepes were not too hard- I was worried about the flipping but they went fine with a spatula. NExt time I will try the egg replacer too- even easier.

  8. Yey, glad your pancakes worked! 🙂 I use a spatula to flip them too. Liam flips them “properly” but whenever I try that I make a mess!!

    Lemon juice and sugar is what I always have when I’m at home, but I do like Nutella and banana when I buy them.

    We have a festival in our town each summer and one of the food vans is always a pancake one. I like to make a meal out of them with a savoury one to start and then a sweet one for dessert. I’ve just looked back (the benefit of having a blog!) and last year I seemed to favour cheese & sweetcorn ones for savoury, and I had one with banana, sliced almonds and brandy toffee sauce – delicious but messy when you’re eating them from paper cones!!

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