Sweet potato and spinach soup (recipe), and a disaster!

Although it is getting warmer, it is still winter so soup for lunch is always good.

The other day I roasted some veggies to have with pasta for dinner, so roasted some sweet potato too.

Aubergine and peppers for pasta, and sweet potato sprinkled with chilli flakes and paprika for soup-making.

The soup needs:

2 or 3 small sweet potatoes

Large handful of spinach

Spices- chilli flakes, ginger

Water and vegetable stock (I used vecon as I think it is much nicer than regular stock cubes)

The recipe made 3 big portions of quite thick soup, but if you like it thinner and add more water then it would make more portions. Anyway, this was 3 fairly small sweet potatoes. I softened them in a pan for a few minutes.

Then I added the water- maybe 1 litre. And a tsp of stock and simmer for about ten mins (as the potatoes were already cooked they did not need too long). Add in any spices too- I added a few more chilli flakes, and a little ginger.

Add in the spinach and let it wilt- only for about a minute. Then blitz it up (I have a stick blender so it can be done in the pan) and serve.

My Mum gave me a few sundried tomato mini loaves that she made when I went for lunch the other day, so myself and Andy each had a bowl of soup and a roll for lunch. Delish. It went an interesting green colour, but it tasted lovely!

And now, to the disaster.

This morning, as I do most mornings now, I put the kettle on, put a mint teabag in my favourite massive mug, poured out the water and distracted myself on the internet for about 20 mins (I leave it this long so that when I take the teabag out I can drink it right away).

I went back into the kitchen, only to see mint tea all over the worktop, all down the dishwasher, all over the floor, and the teabag in the bottom of my mug.

As you can see, there is a massive crack up the whole side of the mug. (I did clean it up before I took the photo!).

How I didn’t notice it when I poured it out I have no idea! At least mint tea smells nice even when you have to mop it off the floor!

Better plan a trip to Disney to get a replacement 😉

Have a lovely weekend everyone.

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22 thoughts on “Sweet potato and spinach soup (recipe), and a disaster!”

  1. Maybe the Disney Store might be able to help you out? There’s a few branches around. I went to Disney land Paris, just after it opened when i was 4 – that 22 years ago eek!

    Hope Sunday is better for you.

  2. Thanks Jenny 🙂 I think I got the cup about 9 years ago in Disney land Paris- so I am sure they have discontinued them. I do have 2 other Minnie mugs though- they are just not as big!

    1. you are right i can’t see it on the disney website however there are some Minnie ones that look quite large. Shame they don’t tell you the size on the website.

  3. Laura and Lara- correct- a good reason to go to Disney again! Although we worked out it was from Disneyland Paris about 5 or 6 years ago, so I am pretty sure they won’t have the same one any more.
    Tracey that is always so annoying when it happens- maybe rubber taps would be the solution? 😉

  4. Oh 🙁 poor mug! I definitely think that deserves a trip to Disney for a replacement! 😉

    I like soup all year round, actually. Definitely a soup eater in July! This recipe looks delicious. I really like the consistency sweet potato brings to a soup!

  5. Oh no! I have had the exact same thing happen with one of my favourite (enormous) tea-drinking mugs – I was very sad. In my case the cause was drying-up-related droppage, but as it bounced on the kitchen floor I thought it had survived unscathed – the invisible damage only came to light when brewing a cuppa later.

    I meant to comment about that Alpro hazelnut milk you mentioned previously… I am in love with it! I don’t think you drink coffee do you? But I’d recommend it as fantastic for milky (hazelnutty flavoured) coffees to any coffee drinkers – yum. Maybe worth a try in a chai latte? There’s also a “new” Alpro almond drink (same packaging as the hazelnut and they sell both in my local (teeny tiny) Sainsburys), which is also great (and super low calorie, I don’t know how they do it!) and pure white rather than murky brown like the hazelnut.

    Sorry for this ridiculously long and detailed comment about nut milks – I’m practising my written communication skills! (And clearly quite enthusiastic about hazelnut/almond milk!!)

    Hope you’ve had a good weekend and enjoyed the same lovely sunshine today as we had.

    x x x

    1. Ha ha I am one to do long comments too, don’t worry! Yes I have tried the Alpro almond too- cheaper than the other stuff you normally get- I don’t drink coffee but the hazelnut drink is nice in tea- it does give a hazelnut hint.

  6. Oh no, did you do that double-take thing when you saw it like that?! I would have done; I’ve had similar with a bowl and it took me a minute to cotton on 🙂
    Those sundried tomato loaves sound brilliant; I bet they were great with the soup.

    1. Yes it took a few seconds for my brain to process what had happened- at first I thought I must have spilled some water when I was pouring out the kettle!

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