First attempt at macaroons

Hey! After watching a demo at the cake show on Saturday, I was inspired to have a go at making macaroons. As it is my birthday tomorrow I normally make cakes/cookies for work, so it was good timing too. Although I found loads of internet recipes, in the end I chose one from Home Bake by Eric Lanlard.

Preparation seemed to be the key- I made two lots and the second lot seemed better. The egg whites had to be at room temperature, and I weighed out all the other ingredients, lined the baking trays and got the piping bag ready. Whipping up those egg whites made my arm ache- I used an electric whisk but it took ages.

A tip I picked up during the demo was to put the piping bag (end snipped off) in a glass- made for much easier filling. Then if it is dripping you can put the end back in the glass whilst piping, so it does not go everywhere. Optional- have icing sugar and ground almonds all over your worktop.

My first attempt was pink ones, which I flavoured with a little almond extract (they have ground almonds in them anyway), and yes I need to practise my piping skills!

Once they cooled I sandwiched them together with a little dark chocolate spread.

The second batch were lemon flavoured (although the yellow colouring was hard to mix in).

I sandwiched the lemon ones together with lemon curd.

All ready to take to work 🙂

I also made some chocolate orange brownies (my usual brownie recipe with some orange extract and some chocolate orange buttons mixed in) just in case the macaroons didn’t work out! I put them in the cake cases once they were cooked to make them easier for people to eat.

Personally, although they look pretty, I can’t see the appeal particularly- they seem like posh coloured meringues really. But they are fun to do because I get to use my food colourings! I much prefer the taste of the brownies.

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20 thoughts on “First attempt at macaroons”

  1. Wow, they are so pretty!! 🙂 I love macaroons but have never been brave enough to try making them myself!!

    I also am loving orange flavoured baking at the moment. I made Pink Whisk’s dark chocolate & orange cake for my Mum’s birthday a month ago and have been using orange in everything ever since! It’s one of the few fruity flavours I can get past Liam as well so I will have to give chocolate orange brownies a go 🙂

    Hope you have a lovely day tomorrow! 😀

    1. I love chocolate orange and I keep seeing you use it- I fancy some of that spread from Sainsbury’s now! I just added some orange extract to the brownies, and this time some of those buttons but they are not that nice, so normal chocolate orange, or just chocolate chips would be better I think.

  2. I’m not partial to macaroons, they are (if you believe it) too sweet for me!! Yours look lovely though and for some sweet toothed colleagues they will be amazing 🙂
    Have a fantastic birthday tomorrow xx

    1. I don’t think I have ever tried them before- they are nicer than meringues because of the ground almonds I think, but I think they are mainly to look pretty! Thanks 🙂

      1. Haha, I seem to be the only one who actually likes macaroons!! I had some in Barcelona which were fantastic, especially the raspberry ones with chocolate filling – that’s what I thought your pink ones were at first!

        I have occasionally bought the Maison Blanc ones from Waitrose, but whilst they are nice, they are ridiculously expensive for what they are…I really must try to make my own soon, you’ve inspired me! 🙂

        1. Raspberry and white chocolate sounds lovely- I wonder how they flavour them? Anyway, I am sure I will make some more!

  3. I have to admit I’d have preferred the brownies too – I love your description of macaroons as ‘posh coloured meringues.’ There was a huge fad for them on blogs a couple of years’ ago but I think it’s died down a bit now. Anyway, your evaluation of macaroons gave both me and my Mum a good chuckle, because she loves them and we tend to have playful arguments over the merits (or otherwise) of macaroons.


  4. Omg these all look so yummy! 😀 I love chocolate orange… I personally like montezumas space hopper the best but terry’s chocolate orange is nice as well. Oh I’ve seen that spread in sainsburys it sounded interesting. There chocolate chip peanut butter is nice as well! X

    1. Ah you are too kind! My piping skills were not great (although the second batch was better)- need to keep practising!

  5. So pretty. I love the colours! I think they are seen as “haute” french culture, ‘cos the French are all hyper sophisticated and eat their macaroons all the time!! 😉 I think they always look impossible to eat neatly!
    I’d definitely go for the chocolate orange brownies – chocolate, gooey and a little bit naughty is more up my street! 😉

    1. I was looking for recipes online and one had some really funny comments along the lines of “I don’t even speak French but I will try to not mess them up”.

  6. Happy birthday!
    Those macaroons look so good and so professional, I’m really impressed! I’m sure your colleagues loved them – and chocolate orange brownies sound perfect too. Hope you’re having a lovely day 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 I did have a fab day thanks, and yes I think they were popular at work.

    1. Well the bonus of never having tried them before (I never have before) was that when I made them, of course they tasted exactly as they should.

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