Photos of food

Yup, an imaginative title indeed!

I have been taking pictures for ages, and not posting them. I was going to do it for WIAW but missed that, so here we go!


(In my new cup and bowl)– peaches, muesli, almonds and coconut milk left overnight, along with mint tea.


I am having a bit of a crumpet obsession right now- one with pb and jam, and one with lime curd. Plus my lovely Whittards chocolate tea (black tea with coconut, cocoa beans and macadamia nuts). Soooo good!

Tea (who knows what kind it was) with a Hotel Chocolat penguin left over from Christmas. Pretty chocolate lasts a long time because I never want to eat it!

Bread making:

One lot of sourdough with hemp seeds (for a little loaf), and one lot with fruits soaked in lemon green tea (for mini loaves).



I took this with me one day- spinach leaves, roasted sweet potato, red and yellow peppers, butternut squash (all roasted in hemp oil), sprinkled with hemp seeds and served with a little tub of hummus.

Spinach, balsamic, roasted squash, peppers, courgettes, baby corn, basil tofu, hemp seeds.

Wholemeal pasta with lovely zest pesto, peppers, courgettes, fresh basil and pine nuts. I am sure I added some cheese on the top too.

Mystery dinner! I defrosted something from the freezer which turned out to be sweet potato burgers/ patties, alongside a salad with cucumber, spinach, pepper, basil tofu and some hummus.


This is the best snack ever! 30g peanut flour, with a little coconut milk to make a sauce, then stirred together with a chocolate alpro pot, and sprinkled with some trail mix.

It is nice with the caramel or vanilla ones too, but the chocolate rules 🙂

Some baking:

I made some of the protein brownies I saw Laura make- as I have hemp protein powder and have not been that enamoured with the flavour. I had to use some raisins as I didn’t have all dates.

I sprinkled the top with some cherry raisins too, to add to the cherry flavour.

I weighed out the ingredients- mine came to:

120g raisins/dates

100g almonds (soaked)

30g dried cherries

30g cocoa powder

50g hemp protein powder

and a few tbs water.

I had one as a snack at work and it was nice- I can taste the hemp in there, but they do taste lovely and gave me energy for the afternoon. The rest are wrapped in cling film in the fridge and ready for other days.

And for fun, a new top:

It is a vest (from Threadless) but with this weather I have not worn it yet.

Running news:

This week I was feeling a bit worried about increasing the distance (this happened to me when I first started running too- I totally lose confidence in myself) but I went out for 5 min run, 1 min walk this week on Tuesday. All was good- but then later on that day I felt like my hip had popped out and needs to pop back in again, and have been limping since. It is not down to the running because I had it on Saturday when we were walking up some steps, but it went away again, and was fine when I got back from my run, it was only much later that it came on. I barely slept on Tuesday night because no position was comfy. I hobbled about all day Wednesday (it seems worse once I have been still for ages so I have tried to keep moving or standing at home) and looked up some stretches on the internet last night which seemed to help. But it is still a bit sore, and not normal, so not sure when I will get my next run in. Grrr. Any ideas how to get it to go back into place?

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13 thoughts on “Photos of food”

  1. Ouch, sounds like a hip subluxation =( I’ve done that, but it’s always fixed itself within a couple of days without my doing anything in particular! Hopefully it will work itself out for you too <3

    1. Thanks- have googled that too! More specific than googling “hip popping out” or whatever!

  2. Oooh hip leg thing sounds painful. I have no advice but I do have a story: my left shoulder quite specifically the muscle on the inside of the outer round of the should was painful (taking off tops was the worst) chiro said on Tuesday it was my neck did a snap cackle and pop and told me to stretch my neck and not prod around in the muscle; I feel better already. Hope your hip sorts itself out soon.

    1. Mmm it does feel like it needs to snap or something but I just did a lot of stretches and that seemed to help.

  3. I would say to get to a physio if at all possible – hip issues aren’t ever to be taken lightly or messed with and you shouldn’t have to put up with that level of pain.

    I love those protein bars of Laura’s – I’ve saved so much money by making those instead of shelling out on Nakd bars etc. 🙂


    1. Well my shoulder sometimes does it (but not for this long) and with wiggling it does go back in. If it carries on I might look for a physio I suppose but it is getting better so I am sure it will go soon.
      Yes I have seen you make those bars too- I still prefer nakd bars (my sweet tooth- I can taste the hemp in them) but they are a nice change.

  4. I’ve been wanting to try those protein bars of Laura’s for ages, just need to find some dried cherries and protein powder! I am a big fan of chocolate covered katie’s chocolate fudge babies, I call them nakd balls hehe.

    1. Urban fruit dried cherries are lovely- often they are on offer- 2 packs for £3 in Asda so worth a look out. Or the Bear fruits (but they are mixed berries and not just cherries).

  5. Love those little colourful bread loaf tubs. Where did you purchase them from? Been shopping & bought lots of Naked bars today to introduce them to the kiddies. They loved them, quite expensive though so going to try to make some soon 🙂

  6. Sorry to hear about the hip, although I’m afraid I can’t be any help 🙁
    I really like the mystery dinner idea; my mum always labels everything in her freezer but I’m not organised enough so I always have to guess! I’m the same with posh chocolate too, although I’ve got no problems eating the cheaper stuff quickly… 🙂

    1. I do normally label things, especially if they are in the foil trays because then I write on the cardboard lid. But if I put stuff in bags (like they were) I often forget!

  7. Ouch for your hip! Mine sometimes pops and clicks but its never painful, hope the stretches continue to help. Glad those protein brownies turned out ok, it might have been because I used raw cacao powder that I couldn’t taste the hemp so much, glad they are still edible despite tasting the hemp though!

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