Time to celebrate!

Hello all!

I am in a celebratory mood tonight! After yesterday where things were not so good- busy day at work (which was fine), home late, went for a run still (how dedicated)- again that went fine but then our shower decided to not work- only cold water would come out, and if you turned the dial around to hot the pressure went. We do have a bath too, luckily, but the shower hose is old and leaky, so it does not work! Cue a lot of trying to fix it, before resorting to a bath and dry shampoo, and Andy spending half the night trying to fix the shower before we gave in and went to get a new shower hose for the bath! (We are having the shower room re-done soon and have the new shower sat in our garage so don’t want to waste money fixing something for the next couple of weeks). Anyway, it was quite an annoying evening.

But today!

I had a hospital appointment in the afternoon for a scan- just as a follow up to check everything is OK. I pretty much thought it was, but it is nice to be sure (seeing as I had no idea about the cyst in the first place!)- I had to drink a litre of water an hour before, and when I got there, they had a sign saying appointments were running late- ahh! But actually mine was bang on time, and the person (radiographer?) doing the scan said everything looked as it should, which was a great relief. So I celebrated with a soya chai latte- mmmmm. Even sat outside as it was quite warm (or maybe I was warm from rushing about and generally being nervous being at the hospital).

I also had time to pop to the shops and treated myself to a few bits.

Chai tea (mainly for Andy but I do have it sometimes), dark coconut chocolate, a raw coconut bar (looks a bit like a Lara bar I think) and a mini coconut chocolate bar (I am loving coconut right now) and, the most exciting thing of all, some sunflower seed butter!!!! Even the lady at the checkout was interested in it as she had not seen it before- it took me ages to choose smooth over crunchy as they had both. It is this stuff, (but smooth) and I have never heard of the brand before but it seems to be all over the internet.

I then went to get my hair cut, as they are open late on Thursdays (taking advantage as next week I have decided I am starting back at Body pump- yay- more reasons to celebrate).

Always looks so shiny after that, and I love having someone wash my hair 🙂 OK so you can’t really tell in the photo but it was cut, and is so much tidier than it was before.

Anyway, good things all round 🙂 I feel like my energy levels are finally returning to normal again, and although my stamina for running is clearly much lower, I am building up again and managing OK with it. I might make the half in September after all (well not have to walk some of it I mean).

So, the virtual cafe is open- what will you have to join with me celebrating?



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26 thoughts on “Time to celebrate!”

  1. That seed butter is heaven in a jar. I wish that I could trust myself with it *so* badly but I had to leave the jar I bought in London…at Kings Cross. It couldn’t make the journey back with me because I know I’d have eaten it all.

    I am so happy for you! Brilliant news about the scan, and your running. I think it’s the GNR you’re doing in September? It’s such a wonderful experience; I know you’ll love it!


      1. Oh and thanks for that too 🙂 If only I had a hairdresser to do my hair like that every day!

    1. Yes it is the GNR- gettig a bit worried about it but I decided when we signed up that I would run/walk it, so I just need to get up to that distance even if I don’t run it the whole way- anything I get will be a “comeback pb” anyway!

  2. Love the hair! It’s so shiny and I love the length.

    I’m excited because I had another exam today, so now I’m half way through them! Only two to go till freedom!!

    1. Keep at it- will be over soon! And thanks about my hair- my hairdresser does a great job!

  3. Woop! Brilliant news that you’re up and running (sorry) officially! I’ll have a Pimm’s with you to celebrate 🙂
    The hair looks lovely, as does your selection of goodies; where did you get the sunflower butter?

    1. You know I love the puns! Excellent- Pimms for summer.
      There is a health food shop in Welwyn which I where I bought it, but when I googled it, it seemed to be on sale on a lot of websites.

  4. That’s awesome news! I’ve seen that raw-bite bar in a few health stores, but I haven’t tried it, as they are super expensive over here! I’ve never tried sunflower seed butter, although I looked at that brand before, but didn’t like the added sugar, and honey which made it non-vegan also. I will have to try a vegan version at some point though!

    1. Carley’s Organic make sunflower seed butter-theirs is always raw (cold pressed I think) and never has sugar added- they sometimes use agave in their spreads with cocoa, so worth a look for that brand? Their sunflower seed butter is amazing, but very expensive!

  5. Such a lot to celebrate that’s lovely! I love sun butter and have some in my wraps for lunch today! I’ve actually had a pretty rough week with lots of changes going on at work (I have to go for a secondment type thing and be interviewed, yack) so the weekend almost being here is enough for me to celebrate, oh and also I was back at Body Pump this week and have booked a hot yoga class for next week!

    1. Oh dear having an interview is not good- ah well at least the weekend is finally here for you now.

  6. Congrats on the good news! I imagine it’s a weight off to know everything is okay. These raw bites looks really good, I’m keeping my eyes peeled to see if they appear in Bristol soon!

    I love coconut right now too. I’m obssessed with coconut chocolate bars!

    1. Yup- me too- loving coconut chocolate, but I never really like Bounty bars and not sure why!

  7. Glad the scan went well, that must be a relief 🙂 & love the hair cut, very pretty! 🙂 I need to get my hair cut soon too, but think it will have to wait until after the 2nd – no free time until after we’ve moved!!

    I am definitely celebrating that it’s now the weekend, haha, very needed! And that we officially gave our one month’s notice on our current/old house today 😀 I just wish we could click our fingers and be neatly in our new house already now, this waiting around/packing up bit is no fun!! 😉

    1. I only booked my haircut this week- have not had it cut for months and months- so it really needed it! The next few weeks will fly by and you will be moved in before you know it 🙂

  8. Your hair looks gorgeous, so shiny!
    Where did you get the raw coconut bar and the sunflower seed butter? I keep seeing sunflower butter on blogs but can never find it in the shops, i bet it’s delicious 🙂

    1. Thank you 🙂 My hairdresser does a good job! I got them all from a local health food shop, but when I googled them I saw them online at places like goodness direct I think.

  9. I’m so glad to hear all the good news- definitely time to celebrate! A hair cut and yummy treats, that’s exactly what I would have done, too. 🙂 Coconut and chocolate are such a yummy combo, mmmm!

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