Maui (sunrise to sunset, mountains to beaches)

On our way to Maui, I was very excited to see the observatories at the top of the mountain!

The flight was amazing, because it was pretty low, so we had good views of the many little islands. By the time we had collected our car and driven to the west of the island, it was pretty late (I think about 11) but that meant we were out and about the next morning to see the place.

Our hotel was near to Lahaina, which is an old whaling (boo) town on the west of the island. It really reminded me of Key West- sort of older, smaller, and with a bit more history than a lot of America. It was so pretty, packed with little shops (and some chains- randomly a Lush store!), and they were all open late, so a good place to wander in the evenings.

We went for a walk around the Chinese museum (which had a temple upstairs)- our entry also included a tour (by candlelight) of an old house owned by a missionary /doctor for a long time. All worth doing- very interesting.

There was an old cookhouse at the Chinese museum, which was showing films by Edison- old ones of Hawaii and things- very interesting.

The town centre also had a large banyan tree (never heard of them before)- the trees put down runners- sort of roots from higher up the tree, and when they hit the ground they get thicker and turn into more trunks. It looked like an octopus! This one was made to be symmetrical as people hung buckets and things to train the runners.

It is hard to see, but it was interesting, and lovely and cool too.

One day we went out for a long and twisty drive, on the Road to Hana.

We saw so many beautiful waterfalls, the sea looked amazing, the jungle plants looked amazing.

We went to a black sand beach, and I am sure that the rocks are called the dragon rocks or something (made from lava, but look like a dragon reaching into the ocean).

Real coconuts!

Hello 🙂

We sat and had some lunch (well banana bread we had bought along the way, plus banana and some pretzels I think!) with another beautiful view.

Then we had to drive back! Very twisty roads, narrow bridges, but more wonderful views.

One day we got up super early (4am I think) to drive up to the mountain to see the sunrise. It was apparently a ” must see” and it was worth it!

It was totally freezing- we wore as much as we could- vest, jumper, rain coat, jeans, but it was soooooo cold!

Amazing seeing the clouds pour over the mountains.

Hello from a chilly me!

Also what was amazing was that we could see the small flat part of central Maui, the sea on each side, and some of the other mountains.

The light was amazing once the sun had risen.

The walk back to the car from the viewing bit.

Andy liked taking covert pictures of me walking!

Then we drove to the top (some people watched the sunrise from there, but we were too late and the car park was full).

More observatories!

I was reading a sign (another picture I didn’t know he took!)

I liked the long shadows- made me tall!

There was another visitors centre which had more amazing views of volcanic craters.

This was me saying “can we go home for a sleep now?” (and we did)

We had more chill out time too. I did a few runs, and on one discovered a board walk from our hotel along the beach to other hotels and shops. We loved our sunset walks on the beach.

It was a pretty beach.

And we got to see more hula dancers!

They even had some children that did a dance to the song from Lilo and Stitch (the Hawaiian song, not an Elvis one).

Maui was just fantastic- it felt quite touristy in places, but also very remote and peaceful. Seeing the sunrise from the mountain was amazing- so quiet and beautiful. The road to Hana was a crazy drive (I didn’t envy Andy driving at all) but worth it as it was so pretty, and the beaches were fab too. It was the perfect holiday – just what I needed. I could not lay on a beach all day- I like seeing and doing things, and there was enough for us to see and do that I didn’t feel like I wasted being there, but also it was so chilled out. I just loved it.

Right, again well done if you got to the end of this- I think we took nearly 1600 photos (as I took a little camera and Andy had his fancy one)- so I have condensed them a lot!

I have a few more photos (for a holiday food post, and random bits I missed), so you are nearly at the end! 🙂

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10 thoughts on “Maui (sunrise to sunset, mountains to beaches)”

  1. Aww, I’ll actually be sad when your recaps are over. Your photos are always stunning and I like that you are quite minmalistic with the commentary, letting the pictures speak for themselves.

    That sunrise is the definition of a ‘must-see!’


  2. I think your holiday pictures are the best I’ve ever seen; those sunrise ones are so beautiful, especially the mountain tops over the clouds.
    It looks such a brilliant place to go for a holiday; I’m glad you had such a good time 🙂

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