Since I’ve been back

Hey everyone- I hope you are all enjoying the Indian summer (well, last week anyway). I got back on Saturday lunch time, then Monday was back to work, and all my blog posts have been holiday ones. But I have been back to randomly taking photos (and back to running regularly too) so here is a whistlestop tour of the last week.

So, running:

Sunday- 6 miles= felt OK.

Monday- same 6 mile route after work= much harder.

Tuesday- 3 miles slow

Wednesday- Sweatshop run! Super speedy middle section (I jog there and back slowly)- 3 miles in under 30 mins!

Thursday- Body pump! I had forgotten about all those press-ups!

Friday- Rest

Saturday- 10 mile run. I took it super slow and steady, didn’t look at my Garmin (turned it around on my wrist so I was not tempted) and tried to run on “feel” more. Took me just under 2 hours, but I felt OK at the end and I think at that sort of pace I could continue for the 3 extra miles.

Sunday- Rest

Today- Just under 4 mile run after work. For some reason my plan said 7 miles! But then I remembered about the taper (I think I still get one even though I just had a holiday?) and also got home from work later.

I bet you missed seeing pictures of me just back from a run? Well here you go:

The red face is back! (I think that was after the second 6 mile run, and it was rather hot out there that day!)

I got my vest for the charity I am raising money for.

The GNR is just around the corner! Eek!

Food has been tasty:

Yummy quinoa chickpea salad with a lime/coconut dressing (well lime juice, agave and dessicated coconut), with spinach, artichoke, basil tofu and dried mango. Sort of tropical fused with Italian! Had the leftovers for 2 lunches too.

Lovely chai latte (celestial seasonings Bengal spice teabag, vanilla soya milk and a splash of syrup I think) in my new cup, plus lovely energy ball bites by Something from Sarah.

Delicious sweet potato and pb, with a spinach and fig salad (yes there is some potato under all that pb).

Lovely post run breakfast of blueberries, chia seeds and muesli soaked in almond milk, topped with mango, plus coconut water.

Yummy granola to top my soaked muesli- love all the freeze-dried fruit.

My attempt at an acai bowl. We had these loads on holiday- this one (made 2) was made with: 2 cups frozen cherries, 1 big frozen banana (slice before I freeze them), tsp cocoa powder and a tsp vanilla bean paste whizzed up in the food processor. Served with chopped papaya, blueberries and banana, sprinkled with granola and drizzled with agave. It was pretty close to the ones we enjoyed in Hawaii.

There has also been lots of tea! Especially teapigs tea, as I have been sent some samples 🙂 Lovely Earl Grey tea (the best I have had I think)

Yummy Lemongrass- so refreshing.

And warming spiced winter tea for a cool autumnal evening.

I also missed baking while I was away, and boy I made up for it this weekend! After running 10 miles, doing some work, and housework, I then made batches of white chocolate peanut butter blondies, another batch with added coconut, some peanut butter and strawberry fudge, and some dark chocolate orange brownies! Phew!

Then I bagged them up ready to take to work, to help persuade people to sponsor me. The little tags have the website on them. They covered my dining room table I cannot believe I made so many! Hopefully I will manage to raise some more funds for the charity.

Right, that is enough for now! I have been catching up on the Great British Bake Off (love it)- might try to squeeze in an episode before bed time.

Night 🙂

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14 thoughts on “Since I’ve been back”

  1. I’ve had that Rainbow song in my head since I saw this post title 🙂
    Respect to you for that week’s workouts straight after you got back – and that sounds like a great weekend’s baking! White chocolate brownies are the daddy and I’m intrigued by the strawberry and pb fudge… 🙂

    1. Well I had a lot of pressure seeing as the GNR is this weekend- very close to holiday!
      The fudge is the recipe I have done before, but I left out the white chocolate and added some freeze dried strawberries before it cooled 🙂

    1. Yes it said they were a South American thing brought over to Hawaii, but they were everywhere there, so tasty 🙂

  2. I wondered if you were running on a charity place or had entered via the open lottery – I’ll have to give you some sponsorship money on Saturday!

    Some wonderful looking meals there – that’s my kind of sweet potato 😛


    1. Aw thanks very sweet of you. Yes doing a charity – meaning to do a blog post about that later on this week 🙂
      Yes my kind of sweet potato too!

  3. Lucky you with the teapigs samples – I’m obsessed! I like their everyday blend best.
    Well done on all the runs last week – it was really warm so running was hard. I’m enjoying my taper this week too. It was great to do a quick 30 minute run today and then be able to crash on the sofa for the evening. I’m eagerly anticipating the Great British Bake Off now 🙂

    1. Yes I love it! Although saving it for another day, as we have Don’t tell the bride tonight! 😉
      Yes it was warm, but at least it was not too hot for my long run. Looking forward to the weekend 🙂

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