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Hey peeps.

Thanks for all the lovely messages on my last post- I keep going from feeling confident that I will manage the GNR, to waves of panic about not finishing and missing the train back home. Anyway, I am trying to stay in a positive frame of mind. A lovely colleague sponsored me the other day, and when I thanked her she told me that she was so impressed because of all I have been through this year. Sometimes when I refer back to my op, I feel a bit like I am making a meal out of nothing, seeing as it was a small op, no complications etc. But when I came home from the hospital I could barely walk, so I suppose the fact I am running now is a reason to celebrate, and a reason to feel proud that I have come back from that really.

Anyway, I enjoy running races, and usually just run for myself, but once a year I like to raise money for charity. This year I missed the Race for Life near me (races?), and didn’t get a place through the GNR ballot. But my Dad’s cousin worked for a charity (a branch of the Sheffield Hospitals Charity- the kidney research part)- they also run it each year (as well as doing other fund raising things) and I think the charity does really good work. Β Anyway, they secured me a charity place, which sorted out my charity of the year dilemma.

Last year I did a few give-aways for people who sponsored me, but this year I am going to do a Great British Bake off style giveaway, and if you sponsor me I will send you out some home-made goodies. Any donations are very much appreciated- every pound adds up after all. So in advance if you feel you can sponsor me a little bit then I sent you my thanks xx

The link is here.

(I chose My Donate because the charity gets more than it would from other donating websites- something I didn’t know before).

On the subject of running, taper time is here! Yesterday my run went well and each mile was a little quicker, and today I did just over 3 miles, and again (despite the wind) kept a faster pace. When I started back, 3 miles was taking me nearly 40 mins, but on my own it is down to about 33/34, and with Sweatshop it is a bit lower. Anyway, tomorrow I have a late meeting at work (so no Sweatshop run, boo), and Thursday is pump. Friday night we are getting the train up, so no more running before Sunday! Ahhh!

But I am in a positive frame of mind.

And thanks again if anyone does sponsor me. Maria xx

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6 thoughts on “Sponsorship plea”

  1. You never made a meal out of it in the slightest! It must have been so frustrating missing your holiday, the long wait before you went in and the recovery but you didn’t complain or feel sorry for yourself and it’s brilliant you’re back to how you were. Good luck, you’ll be fine, and I’ll sponsor you πŸ™‚ x

  2. Good luck, good luck, good luck. I’m sure you’ll be fine but I completely understand your worries. I was petrified before the Bath Half, convinced I’d just fall flat. You’ll be fine and I think it’s amazing that you are running so soon after your op! Glad you had a great holiday btw! x

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