Baking lemon marmalade cake

Hey peeps

I hope everyone is well. I added to my baking at the weekend by making some lemon cake. I was going to see my Nan after work on Monday, and she loves lemon things, so I decided that it was good timing as I could take some to her.

A while ago I was sent a lovely package from American Soda, and it included a mix for lemon cake. I love lemon and poppyseed, so I added some in, and I love marmalade cakes, and I had some lemon marmalade that my Mum had made, so I added some of that in too (about 2 tbs I would think).

The mix was very easy- add in oil, water and eggs, mix, and bake. I baked it in a brownie pan, but there were directions for other shape and sized tins.

When I am bringing cake to work I have found that people prefer it in cake cases, no idea why! But then it makes them look more pretty too. I left some plain, and wrapped them for my Nan, but I decided to make some icing for the rest. I mixed a couple of tbs of lemon marmalade with the juice from a small lime, and then added icing sugar (maybe around a cup) until it formed an icing.

The rest I boxed up to take to work today.

I tried a few off-cuts and it was nice- quite lemony. I don’t normally go for box cake mixes, but for when you are in a hurry they are good.

At the weekend I caved in and ordered from cream supplies as I saw they had pumpkin spice syrup in stock. Well, it arrived yesterday- I didn’t think the bottle would be that big! I really should pay more attention! I am thinking that is far too many lattes, so I think I will have to be adding it to icing and things. Any ideas, let me know! (Also some tea to have in my cupboard at work)

And finally, I also placed an order on i-herb, which I am most excited about. Last Christmas I took part in a blogger secret santa, and as part of that Jemma sent me some amazing gingerbread spice tea. I had seen other teas by the same brand in little shops over here, but never the gingerbread one, and I was so sad when I used all the tea-bags. I was browsing i-herb the other evening and noticed they had it in stock! It is a holiday one I think, or “seasonal”. Anyway, I have ordered some- it really is such a delicious tea and I am sure it would make yummy lattes too. (Code QOC914 for $5 off if you have never shopped with them before).

So, what can I do with all that syrup? I am sure I can add it to icing, but not sure what else!

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7 thoughts on “Baking lemon marmalade cake”

  1. Oooh, that lemon cake looks delish, love the addition of marmalade! I made a lemon cake on Sunday using yoghurt as the base, will write about it soon – new family favourite & so easy!

    Exciting that you’ve ordered pumpkin spice syrup, I’m looking forward to hearing what it’s like! Did ordering from the site go ok? I’ve been trying to not place so many orders recently (yeah right!) but currently trying to decide between popcorn or pumpkin syrup for my next one…the important decisions in life clearly! 😉 I have no exciting ideas to use it though, sorry, I tend to just stick with making drinks with my syrups. I easily got through the same size raspberry iced tea syrup over the summer!

    1. Yes the order was fine- I had to order before 4pm to get the next day order, so I ordered at the weekend as Andrew was working from home on Tuesday so it came them- all turned up fine 🙂 I will let you know what it is like as soon as I try it!

  2. The pumpkin spice syrup looks fantastic! Perhaps you could use it to make a French style pain d’epices and sub it in for some of the sugar/liquid in that? Or drizzle it over pancakes for breakfast? 😀

    1. Yes good plan with the pancakes- maybe I should have gingerbread pancakes topped with pumpkin syrup 🙂

    1. They were enjoying the cakes today 🙂 But then they always complain if there is nothing to eat- I am sort of responsible now!
      Mmm, in porridge would be a nice treat 🙂

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