No more get ups!

Hey peeps, half term is here! I am so relieved! And apologies in advance if my ramblings make even less sense than usual. This week has been even more flat out than usual, with parents evenings going on as well as the usual end of half term business.

But anyway, back to the weekend:

On Sunday I treated myself to pancakes for breakfast- chocolate chip pumpkin ones served with a chopped cooked apple (from my garden), and a little DCD.

I made a Swedish Apple cake for Sunday tea, and it was lovely. I caught a few of a new Rachel Allen series, called Cake Diaries. I love her baking recipes anyway, and I copied it down from the TV show and it worked so well. One to make again for sure.

As I had opened a tin of pumpkin puree, I decided to make some of Angela’s wonderful spiced pumpkin gingerbread. I used molasses whereas I am sure I usually use treacle, anyway it was not as dark as usual, but still delicious. I have frozen it in slices as it makes a big loaf. I didn’t make any of the buttercream, as I wanted to freeze it, but I have made it in the past and it is amazing.

Anyway, I have no idea what I have been doing this week! I know I went on 2 short runs on Monday and Tuesday, a 3.5 mile route. It is so dark in the evenings now. Anyway, that was all I managed to squeeze in around work, work in the evenings, extra meetings, parents evenings etc.

Andy surprised me with a little treat to help with parents evenings:

Some chocolate covered pretzels! I love the pretzel flipz (although not the z in their name), but you can’t get them any more. These were a welcome sugar boost, although I could not eat them while talking to the parents- not very professional!

I was very excited when I got home on Wednesday night to find my i-herb order had finally arrived! Gingerbread tea here I come! I also ordered some coconut tea, coconut lip balm, and maple pb, and they included a little black cherry teabag which sounds lovely.

Today was a staff training day, so I came home as soon as I could- I was not quite sure how much longer I could keep going for. I was planning on going on a run this afternoon, but I feel totally shattered, so I am staying at home instead.

Tomorrow we are off to Italy for a couple of days, so I need to pack, plus I think we will be doing plenty of walking. I don’t want to be so tired that I don’t enjoy the holiday.

What are your plans for the weekend/ half term if you have it? I am going to be making our Christmas cake when I get back, and I have another cake decorating course booked which I am really looking forward to 🙂

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10 thoughts on “No more get ups!”

  1. Oh wow, that Swedish apple cake looks divine! My Grandma keeps asking me to make Dorset apple cake, but I might see if she likes the Swedish version instead 🙂

    Whereabouts in Italy are you going? Have an amazing time! & enjoy the rest/baking when you get back. It’s been such a long half term, I’m shattered as a parent so I can only imagine how exhausting it is to be a teacher.

    1. It really was lovely- made with bramley apples inside and also on the top- and then it had a little drizzle of cinnamon syrup or something on the top. It was lovely.
      We are off to Florence- the place with the bridge with all the houses in it 🙂
      Ha ha yes all the kids were so tired I think they needed it even more than the staff did 🙂 Enjoy.

  2. So many yummy things. Pancakes, cake, pretzels…yum! I’ve heard good things about those teas, are they nice? I’m tempted by the sugar cookie ones!
    Have fun in Italy! What a lovely time for a break 🙂

  3. We have a bank holiday weekend here in ireland woop! My parent’s are coming to visit, so we have lots of plans, and then I will hopefully (fingers crossed I am well enough) be doing the Dublin marathon on Monday! I know what you mean, the nights are so dark now, I went out for a run this evening at 6.30ish, and it was pitch black! That gingerbread tea sounds amazing!

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